Q&A with ‘Who are you, Really’ winner, Janine Jackson

Introduce yourself

I’m Janine Jackson I am a gypsy at heart, love traveling, I am a mother of two beautiful boys and I am a sister in a big family. I am a career coach helping women find their shine, find their voice and let them be who they want to be in their careers and I absolutely love it!  

What motivated you to do this photo shoot?

It was the question that came up on the image on my Instagram…

“Who are you really?” 

And like I put in my application; I feel like I’ve lived my life largely by trying to make everyone else happy or trying to fit in, meet other expectations. Over these last few years there’s been a big transformation in my own life and that’s been a transformation in myself. And to answer that question of who am I really, I’m loving discovering who I am and letting my true self shine. It’s my journey. 

How did you feel before the photo shoot?

Nervous and excited, my favourite mix of emotions! Reminds me of being at the top of a ski run, when you’re about to go down and you don’t exactly know if you’re gonna fall or have an awesome ride. It’s been awesome. 

How did you feel during the shoot?

So much fun! All the ladies have been so amazing. I’ve loved it, I felt really comfortable, I felt like I had really great guidance and support and I didn’t actually feel self-conscious at all. 

How do you feel after a taking part in a personal shoot?

It’s been amazing! The different looks and the poses and the things like that it’s really been able to bring that out of me and I felt really cool to do that

Those parts of me are on show which has been really special.

How was the team?

You guys have all been amazing. I didn’t know what to expect. Coming into a setting like this where it’s usually models and people who are very glamourous obviously have their time in front of the camera and I’ve never done anything like this before

So just to be able to do that, it’s a safe space and it’s been fun.

What was your favourite part of the day/experience?

Being guided by Misha, she is so natural in her work and made it really easy for me to just follow her lead. 

It was easy for me to relax and have fun.

What’s your biggest takeaway from today?

If I can do this, anyone can! It’s a really special thing to do, just to be able to embrace my beauty, myself and who I am. It’s not just external, it’s about my energy and the vibe that I share. I think that’s the takeaway
To have other people see that in me, I always thought I had that in me, now I know that I do.

If you could describe your experience today in one word what would it be?


Expanding my comfort zone and expanding my feelings about myself.

What will you do with your new images?

I wanna share them! I wanna share them online, I plan to share them with my client group, on Facebook, social media, with my family, my kids are dying to see them so that’s gonna be fun. And I wanna see them!


Would you encourage others to do a personal shoot and if so why?

Absolutely, because I think that so many people hold themselves back from what‘s possible for them. You think ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘I would be too awkward to stand in front of a camera’ but it’s not. It’s actually a discovery journey. To know that I can do that, it’s fun! It wasn’t so scary, I felt really supported and I would encourage others to do it because everyone’s got that inner beauty and it wasn’t just about what I look like, it was about my energy and a projection of myself and who I am and I think that everyone deserves to get to know that and let that out.

Would you do a personal shoot again? 

Yes, I would! I would definitely do it again to see how much I have changed and grown. As I get older, I think that embracing the holistic beauty of myself is what I am loving. 

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