Model Success Story | Nicholas McCormick

Agency: FRM

When handsome Nicholas McCormick stepped foot in our Brisbane studio in November, 2020 we knew he was going to be successful in the industry. Since then, with determination, we have seen him go from strength to strength in the Commercial sector.  We caught up with him recently for a little Q&A session, you can read it below.

How did you find out about The Photo Studio?

A friend of mine had been thinking about going in for a shoot with The Photo Studio and I asked her what it was all about. She said things like “they create you a strong portfolio that can be used to show agencies” and “it gives you a brief look at how to approach castings and what to expect when taking photos”. I wanted to learn how to pose and wanted to know basically what to expect in the industry, so I decided to give it a go myself and called up to book a Photo Shoot.

How helpful was The Photo Studio in the initial phases of your entry into the modelling industry?

For starters when I arrived at the studio here in Brisbane I felt so welcome. I was in a waiting room, supplied with a variety of snacks and beverages while I waited which definitely eased my nerves. Then it was off to hair and makeup , everyone was so chilled and easy to get along with and they definitely knew what they were doing. Whenever I needed a touch up, they were quick to the mark always trying to make me look my best for the shot.

After the shoot was finished we arranged to meet up at a later date for my viewing – to go through the photos and to pick out what I liked. The photos were an investment, but definitely worth every penny, as it got me professional photos I could expose on my socials and hand out to agencies. The Photo Studio is a studio, they guide you and offer industry advice, but It’s up to you what you go out and do with your photos and resources.

What agency are you currently signed with?

I’m currently signed with Fashion Results Models(FRM) in Victoria.

Are you enjoying working in the modelling industry?

Of course I am! Its been a dream of mine since I was 18 , the dream is finally coming true – who wouldn’t be happy. I thought getting tattoos would ruin my chances of ever being a model but it hasn’t. I love the fact that I’m meeting new people and networking with the wide range of people involved in this industry and not to mention getting paid to stand in front of a camera!

What campaigns have you featured in so far?

My first ever professional shoot was a campaign for City Beach which was amazing and I’m so grateful to my agency for setting that up.

What type of Modelling are you focused on right now?

I’m currently mostly shooting E-Commerce/Commercial.

What is your next big Modelling career goal?

The next step in my journey as a model is to work for the likes of Hugo Boss or Armani. I want to work for the big brands and to walk the catwalk over in Europe, then I can see what the future holds.

What was your favourite Portfolio photo & why?

Can’t really say I have ONE favourite, but I definitely have a few. I really like the one where I’m sitting on the yellow chair in my khaki jersey looking past my shoulder. It’s just a really great shot, showing off my strong jawline and I like how my hands are positioned , my eyes are soft, my tattoos really stick out in this one and I have that surprised expression. I also like how the background has been slightly blurred so I really stand out.

My second favourites is the one where I’m in the leather jacket looking over my shoulder, one hand slightly in my pocket and the other hand in front of my thigh. This pic brings out the real me, I love the 80’s I’m an old soul and I’m all for the rockstar vibe.

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