Model Success Story | Inneke Van Den Heuvel

Agency: FRM

Stylish and Determined, Inneke is making her mark in the industry and has recently been signed with FRM Model Management. We caught up with her for a little Q&A session, you can read it below.

How did you find out about The Photo Studio?

I have always been interested in modelling since a young age and have been working as an online fashion/ lifestyle influencer/freelance model for the past two years via Instagram. I saw that The Photo Studio offered Modelling Portfolios so I enquired and to my delight I was selected! I was so stoked to hear the news and absolutely loved every moment of this experience! It all felt so real and professional and not to mention having the amazing team at The Photo Studio really helped with my direction and confidence so the shoot came naturally and it felt like I had been doing it for years. It gave me such a thrill; The Photo Studio definitely sparked my desire for modelling even more so!


How helpful was The Photo Studio in kickstarting your modelling career?

The Photo Studio was extremely helpful in kick starting my career, their reputation and photos are high quality. For example – I hadn’t yet had the chance to send my portfolio out to any agencies before I was approached via Instagram after posting one image from my portfolio on my account! FRM were interested in arranging an interview with me and to my luck I was signed shortly after!

It took just two weeks for me to get signed with my first agency and I give a huge thanks to the team at The Photo Studio for this, with their amazing love and skill in what they do in this industry they really helped push me to the next level and I’ll ever be so grateful!

What modelling agency are you signed with? 

I am signed with FRM model management!

What do you love about Modelling?

I always have and always will enjoy modelling. I love all things fashion and the way it makes me feel, I am very excited about what’s to come from my career and for whatever opportunities lie ahead. I’m dedicated and committed to the things I love so I’m Eager to get my name out there!

What is your next big goal in your modelling career? 

I’d have to say my next big goal in my career would be for me to continue building my name and to then hopefully get signed by my dream agencies and to then one day work internationally or doing runway work!

What work am I doing at the moment? 

Unfortunately straight after being signed the lockdowns started due to covid so work has been slow, so I’ve just been working on getting my name out there in the meantime and continuing to do my freelance modelling via Instagram (@inneke.maee ) with brands such as Princess polly, Pepper mayo, Runway the label and more. I’ve recently also since being signed, have started making an Income via my collaborations with brands which is really rewarding! All in all, I am really looking forward to what’s ahead and to get started on the next journey life takes me!!


What’s my favourite portfolio photo and why? 

Okay! So, this was so hard to decide! I literally don’t know if I have a favourite as my whole shoot was so fun and creative. I love all my looks! But if I had to pick one, it would probably be this B&W close up photo, I love this photo because I find B&W images bring a special mood to a photo that regular images cannot, they tell a story, pure, real. I love this photo as it captures a part of me that I love, doing what I love. The boldness and uniqueness to this shoot was different from anything I had ever done before and I was impressed by how my vision came to life, but again, I LOVE them all, they are all special to me.

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