Model Success Story | Calum Pincott

16 year-old Calum Pincott’s visit to our studio was his first experience with modeling, but not his first introduction to the entertainment industry. Since he was 6 years-old, Calum has had a keen interest in entertaining others, practicing to be a magician and enrolling in drama school. This ignited a passion for acting, music, modelling and all things creative- with Calum recently landing a role in Pymple Ladies’ College Mary Poppins musical.

“My number one passion is performing for people” says Calum, “the idea of entertaining others is so exhilarating for me and I’m in love with it. I also like to make short films and movies whenever I can – even if it’s just experimenting, photography and film making is just one of those things you do whenever you can but not enough”.

Calum’s passion for experimenting with his creativity led him to The Photo Studio, where he learned how to utilize his artistic skills for modelling. A fan of 80’s clothing and music, Calum opted to be styled in retro clothing that fit the vibes of the era.  

“I love the 80’s. I’m obsessed with the music and the clothes and the whole idea of it. The styling of my shoot was purely based off my love for this retro style. The Photo Studio did a very good job at making me feel comfortable and organized the shoot really well with ease. In front of the camera I felt nervous at first, but very quickly started to feel better and expressed more of who I was in the photos”.

“When I first saw these photos, I was amazed. It was unexpected to see myself looking that great in a photo! They were so beautifully shot from the right angles and lighting, and the styling was all perfect too. From every photo that was taken it was honestly extremely hard to find one that I wasn’t a fan of.”

Calum’s interest in the creative industry has spanned over most of his life. After receiving a magic kit from his parents at six years old, he began to perform for his family for Christmas. Subsequently, he was then enrolled in Helen O’Grady’s drama school where he continued to practice his magic talent. As of right now, he has performed at the Australian Junior Magic Championships for the past three years, and puts on magic shows for special needs children each Christmas.

Performing his magic tricks gave him the confidence to audition for his school musical in year 7, which sparked his love for acting and musical theatre. He auditioned every subsequent year, being cast in increasingly bigger roles and finally landing a part in the Mary Poppins musical.

“I was recently involved with the production of Mary Poppins at Pymple Ladies’ College and it was such a fantastic show! The auditioning experience was very professional, and I enjoyed playing various characters to showcase my talent. On stage, I wasn’t nervous at all. This experience wasn’t a first-time thing for me as I have spent the majority of my life in front of large crowds on stage – I love it!”

“Acting for me was just something I found out I loved doing at a young age. Modelling was only a recent discovery. I just decided to have a go at it and see how it could turn out for me (really well by the way!)”

Fortunately, Calum has the full support of his family, who are more than keen to assist Calum reach his goals and dreams. His mum, Rebecca, came with him to The Photo Studio and advises parents of aspiring models to be similarly diligent when looking into studios for their kids to shoot with.

“Calum has just started modelling and it is fantastic. His background of acting also gave him the confidence to try out modelling” Rebecca says, “just be yourself and relax. Make sure you check out the reputation of the modelling agency and you feel comfortable with your child going there. It’s an exciting time for them!

As for Calum’s advice for aspiring actors and models, he urges them to work hard and be tough- “Stick true to who you are and be resilient. The power of not being able to give up under any circumstance is something every actor/model needs and a crucial life skill too”

“For the future, I hope to just keep doing what I love doing. I don’t mind if I hit it big time over in Hollywood or continue being where I’m at now – as long as I’m doing what I love in life, it really doesn’t matter to me.”


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