Madeline Stuart: The Supermodel changing the game

Meet Madeline Stuart – a 24-year old supermodel, who has brought immense change to the fashion modelling industry. After going viral in 2015, Maddy is now the world’s first internationally successful model with Down syndrome. Her hard work and dedication to encourage diversity on the runway has not only inspired others, but it has also tugged on the heartstrings of thousands (including ours).

Madeline believes that beauty is kindness. Upon interviewing her mother Rosanne for our most recent campaign, Inspire; she stated “People with disabilities see beauty differently. Beauty isn’t on the outside. What’s truly beautiful is kindness and having a good heart”. A lover of dance, fashion and life, Maddy advocates every day for inclusivity and diversity in teen modelling.   

Image Credit: Kelly Brown Photographer

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Madeline was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (also known as Down Syndrome) before going into heart failure surgery at just 10 days old.  Her mother Rosanne Stuart was informed by medical professionals that her daughter would encounter extreme hardships throughout her life.  Nonetheless, she made it her mission to help Madeline live a rich life full of love, opportunity and optimism.  Madeline’s achievements indubitably showcase the success of this mission.  

Image Credit: Kelly Brown Photographer

This gorgeous, captivating, and gifted young lady has had incredible success in the short time she has been modelling; her dream beginning at a fashion show she visited with her mother in late 2014. 

Madeline’s career officially began in 2015 when Roseanne started an online campaign so she could get signed by a modelling agency. It was here where she documented her weightloss journey. The ‘before and after’ shots of Madeline’s incredible 20kg weight drop not only led to a large Facebook following of 100k and two modelling gigs (one with Manifesta and other with everMaya), but also encouraged her followers to pursue their fitness goals. To her surprise, Madeline’s inspirational weight journey went viral within days – making international headlines everywhere from Iceland, Germany, the US, Mexico, Cuba, and the UK!

Image Credit: Kelly Brown Photographer

Madeline walked her first catwalk in 2015 at New York Fashion week, where she once again made International headlines for being the world’s first professional model with Down Syndrome!  Not a bad debut runway, don’t you think?  


Since then, Madeline has grown her influence, becoming a predominant face for diversity in the modelling industry.  This is demonstrated by her many awards – including “Number one for diversity” in Forbes Magazine in 2017.  She has also received an Advocacy Award for her work in Uganda from KultureCity in 2017, and has received the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award from Global Down Syndrome in 2018.  In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Madeline was nominated for the Young Australian of the Year Award and Pride of Australia award.  

Image Credit: Kelly Brown Photographer

This is thanks to her spirited work with charities which shine light on her focus of diversity and inclusion in all forms.  Being both founder and ambassador for Inside Outside Dance in Brisbane, Madeline has supported many young people with disabilities in their journey to join the dance industry.  She continues to enthusiastically support charities and organisations such as the Special Olympics and Vetera an Affairs.  

Madeline’s story showcases the beauty of hard work and a positive mindset.  It highlights how both these characteristics are all you need to achieve your passions, goals and dreams. Madeline shows that there is a pure and very real beauty in following your dreams no matter what.


You can access Madeline’s portfolio and read about more of her awards and charity work via this link > 

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