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Chadwick Models:

Top 10 Male Models of 2019

Chadwick Models are one Australia’s top modelling agencies. With national and international connections, their models are set up to achieve great success. We’ve made a list of some of their top male models of 2019, including both all-stars and up-and-coming faces.

By Elizabeth Harrington

1. Geron Nord

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

2019 is turning into Geron Nord’s year. The Australian model, who is of German and Filipino descent, has done everything from modelling in GQ Australia to closing an Armani runway show

Geron stands out from other models. He’s known for his platinum blonde hair, elfin features and penetrating gaze. His unique look makes him perfect for editorial shoots as he can rock the most edgy clothes with ease.

Geron is at the top of our list for 2019’s top male models. We’re sure you’ll see more of him in the years to come!

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

2. Prince Del

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

Prince Del wanted to be a basketball player when he grew up. Instead, he’s become one of Chadwick models top faces.

He’s one of the first black models to be signed with Chadwick Models, who now represent the likes of Duckie Thot and Adut Akech. 

Sudanese by birth and raised in Australia, Prince travels the world to model for some of the biggest names in fashion, from Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto. Some of his more recent campaigns include All Saints, Levi’s and Champion. 

For someone who never thought he’d be a model, Prince Del’s modelling career sure is impressive. 

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

3. Caspar Thomas

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

Even if you don’t know his name, you probably recognise Caspar Thomas. His face is plastered in campaigns everywhere around Australia, including campaigns for Cotton On, Bonds, Asos, The Iconic and Superdry. It seems like everyone’s in love with this gorgeous boy next door. 

His boyish charm, chiselled jawline and amazing body are enviable. But it’s his work ethic that makes him one of Chadwick Models’ best. You have to be a jack of all trades as you adapt to different styles and aesthetics. Caspar Thomas makes it look easy, but we know how much hard work he puts into it.

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

4. Harrison Page

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

We at The Photo Studio pride ourselves on being able to spot budding talent. Harrison Page caught our attention straightaway. He has a classic type of beauty that is enhanced by his shoulder length hair, which gives him an intriguing bohemian vibe. 

Harrison’s youthful energy translates well on the camera. He has the ability to model any style with confidence, from a beret to a plaid suit. He is only at the beginning of his modelling career, but since signing with Chadwick Models he has walked for Armani and done a campaign for Jay Jays. 

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

5. Mikey Collis

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

Another one of Chadwick Models’ rising talents is Mikey Colliss. With his incredible body and oh-so handsome face, he’s definitely one to watch. 

The Sydney-based model has been busy this year with campaign after campaign. He’s still new to the modelling game, but his resume includes campaigns for big brands like Adidas, Nike, General Pants and The Iconic.

He’s comfortable posing in everything from street-wear to a three piece suit, so it’s just a matter of time before he’s modelling on runways around the world. 

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

6. Jojo Amaah

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

With his ageless beauty, signature dreads and freckled complexion, Jojo Amaah is striking to look at. He’s talented, too. He’s incredibly expressive in front of the camera, shifting from innocent to fierce at the bad of an eyelid.

Not only that, he knows how to move his body. As a former AFC player for the Parkdale Vultures, Jojo uses his sporting background to do pose with strength and flexibility. 

But it’s his drive that impresses us most. The Aussie model has set his sights on London and pretty soon will be conquering the world. Already he’s been in Wonderland Magazine, shot for Bonds and walked in the Melbourne Fashion Festival. We can only wonder what’s next on his agenda.

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

7. Otis Giovanni

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

Despite being a newcomer at Chadwick Models, Otis Giovanni is playing with the big boys. He’s been shot by Juergen Teller for the Alexander Wang X Adidas campaign and was recently in a Prada campaign. 

Otis comes from a French/Australian family, so he divides his time between Australia and Paris. He loves the spontaneity of modelling, never knowing where or what the next job will be. This is exactly the kind of attitude that got him signed with Chadwick Models.

As a keen photographer since he was a child, it’s obvious Otis cares about the craft. He knows how to pose, work his angles and showcase clothes. His passion for the industry is just one of the reasons we love him. 

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

8. Harry Barclay

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

Since being discovered on instagram, Harry Barclay has become the poster boy for the weird and wonderful world of fashion. His otherworldly features are in high demand in places like Tokyo, where he has found his niche in the city’s eclectic fashion. 

Harry embraces the ridiculousness of haute couture, bringing a sense of fantasy to all of his editorials. He’s been in everything from i-D Magazine to Black Magazine, where he has shown an uncanny ability to model anything with flair. He’s the perfect model for zany labels like Gucci, which he wore for an editorial in Sense Magazine.

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

9. Luke Casey

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

How can we talk about Chadwick Models without mentioning Luke Casey? This model is not only handsome, he’s an elite rugby player and an occupational therapist. Good looking, sporty and smart? He’s the whole package!

With over 177k followers on Instagram, Luke Casey is a bona fide influencer. It’s easy to see why. Luke knows exactly what his followers want: drool-worthy pictures of his six pack and gorgeous smile.  We’re not complaining.

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

10. Ezekiel Simat

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

Ezekial Simat is a force to be reckoned with. This Australian model and actor is not just a pretty face. He’s a social justice warrior and an ambassador for Every Little Bit Helps. 

As the recipient of the Heath Ledger Scholarship for acting, Ezekiel hopes to use this platform as a way to inspire diversity in Australian media. His next exciting project is the upcoming Lambs of God mini series, where he plays Jeremiah.

Ezekiel has also found success as a model. He’s been in campaigns for Industrie clothing and Limited Collective and has been featured in Vogue Australia. There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more of Ezekiel in the coming years. 

Photo source: chadwickmodels.com

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