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Sumeyya Hadi

Ailis O’Carroll

Ben Pettingill

Nidhi Mahajan

Birgitta Otto

Sophie Thorn

 Winners will be photographed on August 21st  so stay tuned!

Actually, I Can – Campaign

What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams? Like actually stopping you? Is it a fear of failure? An anxiety of what others might think? Or is it a feeling that nothing less than perfect will do? In a world full of unlimited opportunities, why do we allow ourselves to be held back by our own self-doubt?

‘Actually I Can’ is a campaign all about overcoming self-doubt and inspiring others to do the same. 6 people will be chosen to take part in a magazine-style photo shoot and then given a platform to share their story with the world. We want to celebrate the moment when you turned a positive corner and began to believe in yourself.

On top of winning their own individual photo shoots, each of the 6 ambassadors will be invited to take part in a group campaign which will be unveiled at an exclusive launch party in our Melbourne studio.



This is Maddy. She overcame taunts from a bullying dance teacher and learnt to love every inch of herself again.

“Dancing had been a part of my life since the age of 2 and a half and I had been competitively competing since the age of 7. My new teacher whom I had been taught by prior was someone I believed to be trusted… but her methods were the opposite of nurturing.

At 13 and a half, my body had spread in all different directions and every day I reminded that I wasn’t the perfect body she had envisioned me to be. I remember little slices of insults such as: “Being overweight Madeline is causing you to go backwards, you are losing technique!” and “You will never achieve anything”

It was the proudest day of my life, when I sat there and could not stop smiling at my photos in my viewing session with The Photo Studio. Sharing the proud moment with my Mum, it was a moment of ure happiness when she smiled at me and said “you made it sweetie, you’ve won.””

CLICK HERE for Maddy’s full story



When Sophie was seven, she was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system causing muscle weakness and heart failure. Sophie hasn’t let the disorder prevent her moving mountains and she certainly hasn’t let it stop her from pursuing her dreams.

CLICK HERE to watch Sophie’s full video


This is Poppe. Poppe is diagnosed with high functioning autism. This means that her brain works differently to most of ours. It isn’t just that her capacity for learning and retaining information is different. It’s that Poppe doesn’t know how to read facial expressions or pick up on social queues – making social connection extremely challenging for her. As a result of her autism Poppe’s biggest fear growing up was rejection. She never approached other kids because she felt that instantly they wouldn’t accept her.

And look at her here, radiating confidence and a lust for life. Poppe is now involved with an organization called Ican. It was started by a group of autistic guys to help kids with autism build their self-esteem. They’ve asked Poppe to be a mentor so she can work with young children who are going through the same struggles that she did.

CLICK HERE for Poppe’s story

Terms and Conditions
1.       Promotion commences on 21/07/17. Entries close on 31/07/17. Entries submitted and received after this time will not be accepted.
2.      You must be at least 13 years old to enter.
  1. Winner will be announced on 04/08/17 via a phone call and email.
4.      Prize cannot be redeemed for cash.
5.      The Photo Studio reserves the right to change the rules of the competition at any time.
6.      The winner will be selected by a panel of judges.
7.      By entering this competition you are agreeing to be contacted by email or phone by a representative of The Photo Studio or third party.
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