A moment with 2021 Model Search winner, Azra Lindov

Azra Lindov won our Model Search this year with this entry: “It’s always been a passion of mine to create something that I enjoy and to help others in a modest way. I hope that by modelling I can achieve that and hoping it interests you in some way.”

With a unique aesthetic, a kind heart and a motivation to do good in the world – the positive energy and purpose that exudes from Azra, runs deep. Following her professional photo shoot, we asked her to write a little bit about her photo shoot experience and how she felt throughout the entire process. This is what she wrote…

For all of you who don’t know me, my name is Azra and I create fashion/lifestyle  content on instagram. I recently won The Photo Studio 2021 Model Search and I still cannot believe that I won. Winning this photo shoot was a surprisingly simple journey for me. It was just another regular day; getting out of bed, getting dressed and making coffee when I happened upon a sponsored post by The Photo Studio Australia with the words


At first I thought ‘I never win anything so I won’t even bother applying’, but something about this post made me feel the urge to share my story. So, without any expectations in mind, I applied.

My application was heartfelt and honest. Winning this photo shoot was really going to mean a lot to me. I see social media as a space with so much potential and as a way for me to make a difference and share messages of positivity and inspiration with others. To my surprise, 2 weeks after I applied, I had a phone call from a number I’d never seen before. It was The Photo Studio! They informed me that I’d won the Model Search and at that moment my hands started shaking and I couldn’t stop smiling. The days following, were a whirlwind. They equipped me with all the prep and information needed for the day and spoke to me about how exciting the day of my shoot would be. I was EXCITED. I had called my friends and family to share the good news with them and I could not wait for the day.


On the day of my photo shoot I woke up early and went to the gym. I was feeling energetic and ready to go, yet still I was really nervous. However, these nerves didn’t last too long.

Upon arriving at the studio, I was given a very warm welcome by staff and was offered some delicious snacks. Together we discussed my outfits and mood board, which was followed by hair and makeup. Lidiya, my make-up artist, was so lovely to speak to and she was very comforting, chatting to me to settle my nerves. It made me feel so happy I had met such wonderful people, as they made me feel even more confident and relaxed. 

I remember first seeing the studio floor – It was so beautiful and big, with a huge array of lights, props, chairs and more! This was where I met my awesome photographer, Ruby. She made me feel beautiful, confident and worked with me to discuss different props and sets before we got started.

Walking around and shooting with different poses, sitting, standing, walking… I was WORKING IT! The whole time I was laughing and making jokes and everyone was  making me feel so comfortable. It was such a fun experience especially because I was doing things I’ve never done before. Everything was fresh and new, I was learning and exploring. This photoshoot made me learn more about different  lightning, props, poses and the energy shared between the photographer and model. Ultimately, I’ve learned a lot about my own capabilities and my confidence levels when pushed outside of my comfort zone. 

“Everyone should do a Photo shoot at least once”

My photos from my photoshoot are examples to show that even someone with the least experience in modelling, can thrive in a photoshoot. I am hoping someone will see my photos and feel inspired to take the leap themselves. It really is an exercise of self love and self discovery, I wish I could do it all over again. My experience was so special. What made it extremely unique was the amazing group of people that I had the chance to work with.

Thank you so much to The Photo Studio team for this opportunity again, I cannot wait to see where this experience leads me next. 

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