7 Lingerie Retailers that are Celebrating Body Diversity

Lingerie is designed to make all women feel sexy and beautiful and in order to do so, it is important that all women are being represented and are able to find lingerie that makes them feel confident. In recent years the movement towards lingerie modelling ‘photo-shop free’ labels has become more and more prominent and from this, an inclusive community is growing. So here are 7 Lingerie Retailers that are Celebrating Body Diversity.

By Rosa Ablett-Johnstone


Photo Source: Lane Bryant



Photo Source: Aerie


Photo Source: Aerie

Aerie largely began their body-positivity in 2014, with their ‘AerieReal’ Campaign. From this point forward, the lingerie brand owned by teen retailer American Eagle Outfitters, has been a pioneer for sparking change in the industry. They’re campaigns have shown stretch marks, scars and cellulite, in order to normalise ‘real’ bodies. Aerie is a standout in regards to body-size diversity but also in regards to diversity in general; Many of their campaigns have featured models who are diverse in size and ethnicity, and they have also included models with visible disabilities and illnesses.



Photo Source: Nubian Skin

Believing that a nude bra and skin tone hosiery are the basics of every woman’s wardrobe, Nubian Skin’s founder, Ade Hassan, decided to redefine common understandings of ‘nude,’ to create a line of lingerie that includes different shades to accommodate for more women. Described as the ‘ultimate all-inclusive’ brand, Nubian Skin offers numerous sizes and is focussed on producing items that all women can enjoy regardless of size or skin tone.



Photo Source: Figleaves


Photo Source: Figleaves


Photo Source: Figleaves

After partnering with MiLK Models, Figleaves produced an inspiring campaign that revolved around body positivity and celebration. Their #BeautyHasNoBounds campaign included 12 body positive advocates, each representing differences across age, body shape, ethnicity and disability, which reflected their goal as a company to provide lingerie options for all women. They also revealed that retouching was only used on products, not on the models, further supporting the movement away from ‘standardised’ bodies.



Photo Source: Lonely

The New Zealand based label, Lonely, founded in 2009, creates sensuous and romantic pieces that are suitable for all women. They believe that the fashion industry creates unreachable standards for people and that it disallows people from living in the present. With this in mind, they promote body positivity through their products having an array of sizes available. Their models represent diversity in age, body size and ethnicity.



Photo Source: Naja


Photo Source: Naja

Naja Lingerie is not only ethically made, sustainable and fair trade certified, but it is also incredibly celebratory of body diversity. Naja is aiming to reject the objectification and sexualisation of women in the lingerie industry, and instead is choosing to focus on empowering both their customers and employees. Their garment factory chooses to primarily hire single mothers and female heads of households, and their recent #NudeForAll campaign included 23 different shades of ‘nude,’ and included women of different sizes, ethnicities and ages.



Photo Source: Dear Kate

One of Dear Kate’s most prominent campaigns was actually a counter ad, after Victoria Secret’s controversial ‘The Perfect Body’ campaign was recognised as a homogeneous definition of beauty. Dear Kate’s counter ad has been widely praised for celebrating diverse body sizes, ages and ethnicities, securing Dear Kate a position as a fashion retailer that is fuelling change in the industry. Free from retouching and airbrushing, Dear Kate’s models are aiming to represent all women, whilst celebrating all differences.



Photo Source: Neon Moon


Photo Source: Neon Moon


Photo Source: Neon Moon

Identifying as a ‘feminist lingerie label,’ Neon Moon aims to create beautiful pieces that flatter all body types. Believing that natural bodies deserve praise and representation, Neon Moon chooses to be ‘Photo-shop’ free; they also choose to size their clothes with words such as ‘lovely,’ and ‘gorgeous,’ as opposed to traditional lingerie sizing. As a feminist label they wish to ‘reclaim’ Valentine’s Day aiming for the day to become a ‘self-gifting’ occasion, aiming to help women feel beautiful and confident within themselves.

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