Prepare For A Photo Shoot – Beauty Basics

So you are not sure how to prepare for a photo shoot. You are excited to feel fierce, to have stunning photos taken of you and to strut your stuff in front of the camera – but you want to make sure you look glowy and beautiful. What if you wake up the day of your shoot with a pimple? What if your skin is dry and totally not luminous? What if your hair is not shiny and mermaid-like? Don’t stress. We are going to walk you through how you can prepare for a photoshoot.

By Meg Swain

Preparation Before The Shoot

Get a facial

The best way to prep your skin for a photo shoot is to get help from a professional. These guys prepare skin for events all the time. They are the best people to help you get your skin in tip top shape for your photo shoot. Get exfoliating facials in the weeks leading up to your shoot. The week before your shoot you want to be focusing on hydrating your skin. Opt for highly moisturising and hydrating facials during this time.

Exfoliate your skin

Make sure you are exfoliating your skin 2-3 times a week before your photo shoot. When you exfoliate your skin, you remove the dead skin cells on the top layer of you skin. Exfoliation exposes the fresh, healthy skin underneath, making your skin prepared for your photo shoot.

Source: The Photo Studio Australia
Source: The Photo Studio Australia


In the week leading up to your shoot, moisturise your skin daily. Use a moisturiser with no fragrances to make sure your skin will not react and become inflamed close to your shoot. Moisturiser will boost hydration and ensure your skin glows on camera.

Get a hair cut

To prepare your hair for your photoshoot, get a haircut in the week leading up to the shoot. You can get a trim to keep your hair looking tidy, or you could also opt for hair colouring. Talk to your hairdresser about what hair style will best suit your face for your photoshoot.

Deep hair conditioning treatment

Whilst you’re spending time keeping your skin moisturised to prepare for your photo shoot– don’t neglect your hair! The week before your photo shoot use a nourishing, deep conditioning treatment on your hair. This will ensure it is healthy, strong and fabulous for your shoot.

Source: The Photo Studio Australia

Get a tan (if you want to)

If you want to get a spray tan to prepare for your photo shoot, it is recommended you do this 2-3 days beforehand. This allows time for the tan to settle and look natural on camera. A spray tan is by no means necessary, but some people choose to get a spray tan or use gradual self-tanner to make their skin looking golden and glowy in photos. You don’t need to do this – we totally advocate rocking the skin you are in! If you do choose to tan, be super careful that it is even – otherwise it can look underwhelming on camera.

Source: The Photo Studio Australia
Source: The Photo Studio Australia

Get a manicure

If you want to make sure every element of your photo looks perfect, don’t forget to give your nails some love. Whether it is getting a manicure a few days before your photo shoot, applying a nail polish colour you love, or just ensuring your nails are clean and photo-ready – don’t neglect your nails. When choosing a nail polish consider what would match with the outfits for your shoot. If you’re unsure what colour to go for – opt for a nude pink or bare nails.

Use a sugar scrub

To get rid of any dead cells on your skin use a sugar scrub in the last 5 days leading up to your shoot. This will scrub off dead skin to reveal your glowy, luminous skin underneath. A sugar scrub is especially necessary if you are going to do a shoot where you are showing lots of skin.

Source: The Photo Studio Australia

The Day Of The Shoot

Cleanse your face

You want to arrive to your shoot with clean, dry skin. On the morning of your shoot use a cleanser to remove any dirt, bacteria or toxins from your skin so your face is all ready for makeup.

Arrive with clean, dry hair

There is no need to arrive to your shoot with your hair already styled! To prepare for your photoshoot, simply ensure your hair is clean and dry when you arrive. We will style it for you during your hair and makeup session.

Source: The Photo Studio Australia

Have a shower

Shower the morning of your photo shoot so your skin is clean and photo-ready. Ensure your shower is not too hot, as hot water can dry out your skin – and this is the last thing you want the day of your photo shoot!

Don’t wear any makeup

You don’t need to worry about doing your makeup yourself before your photoshoot! You will get glammed up when you arrive. Come to the photo shoot with a bare face. All you need on your skin is a light moisturiser.

Use a sheet mask

To prepare for your photo shoot, use a sheet mask the morning of your shoot. This will give your skin next level hydration and leave your skin luminous. Leave the sheet mask on for 10-15 minutes for optimal skin glow. This will revive your skin and prepare it for photo shoot makeup.

Source: The Photo Studio Australia

Now you are equipped to prepare for your photo shoot! Book a shoot with us down below. Leave a comment telling us how you prepared for your photo shoot at The Photo Studio!


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