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The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; Hana Schlesinger; Rose Baulch

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of photographing Rose in her unique steampunk shoot. We love it when people like Rose express their individuality and push the boundaries well beyond their comfort zone. Rose rocks an alternative punk look, loves science and dreams of relaxing on a tropical island, don’t we all?!

We absolutely loved your steam punk inspired shoot. Tell us exactly what your interpretation of steam punk is?

For me steampunk is combining the aesthetics of Victorian era clothing, i.e. corsets, lace, skirts, deep reds, etc., with the technology of the time, namely cogs, copper metals, the kind of stuff you would see if you opened up an old pocket watch. All of this though with a modern twist. Its not a very well defined fashion and its very flexible about what you can do with it.

If you were to do another shoot what style would you pick?

If I were to do another shoot I would probably try something very weird and dynamic. I used to be a dancer so I think I would try and work that in somehow. I am just imagining very striking makeup and contorted poses…although I don’t have a name for this style.

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; Hana Schlesinger; Rose Baulch
The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; Hana Schlesinger; Rose Baulch
The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; Hana Schlesinger; Rose Baulch

What did this style mean to you and why did you choose it?

I love the style as I can show my love of science and engineering in my fashion and I love the effect it has on other people. I chose it because it’s not something I get to wear everyday and because I think it is a bit different. And with the opportunity to get dressed up and have professional photographers take pictures of me I figured that I would do something special.

We love your edgy look – what does your typical everyday style consist of?

I’m a pretty casual dresser, I usually wear skinny jeans and doc martins with various extra jumpers and such depending on the weather. I like wearing plaid shirts, black stuff to try and get a bit of an alternative punk look.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose?

A tropical island with a coral reef in scuba diving distance. I did a field trip to an island like that a couple of years ago and at the moment I am really keen for some warm weather.

Now for a fun question, if you could have dinner with any celebrity alive or dead, who would you pick? 

Amandla Stenberg, the actress who played Rue in the Hunger Games. She is an amazing queer woman who is really outspoken on issues such as sexism, racism and queerphobia and I really admire her for that.

Or I would choose Hedy Lamarr, the actress from the 40’s. She was a physicist foremost and invented a radio guidance technology that directly lead to the invention of Wi-Fi. She wasn’t supported by a lot of the people around her and to get funding to do her research she became an actress, which is pretty cool.

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; Hana Schlesinger; Rose Baulch

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