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Top Makeup & Hair tips for Fitness Models

If you’re looking to have that healthy glow and perfect hair for your next fitness shoot, then look no further than these top tips for your next fitness shoot! As daunting as fitness modelling can be, there are a few things that we can control to make sure we get the most promising results in our photos. In order to look full of vigour, strength and health for an upcoming fitness shoot, the most simple steps, go a long way!


The skin is the most important element in a fitness shoot. Although makeup is used in every set, it is only used to enhance your natural beauty and unique features. Leading up to the shoot it is super important to take care of your skin. Lydia K, our Hair and MUA here at The Photo Studio fully encourages the “Inside Out Method” in which we take care of everything inside our body, so that it then glows the same way outside too!

Now this might mean something different to each individual, but here are the top things to look out for when prepping for an upcoming shoot;

  • A Clean Diet: As silly as this may sound at first, different foods react differently to our body. In most cases if something is not sitting well with us, the aftermath not only shows in our discomfort, but also on our skin, that too on our faces! The most common areas that acne, bumps or spots caused by a poor diet may show up are often on our foreheads, noses, jawline and chins. Dodging the unseen ingredients in our food, such as oily and sugary foods can really benefit in the clearing up of skin almost instantly, as these are the main factors that contribute to dull and fatigued skin.
  • Being Sober: Often when we consume alcohol, many of the toxins in the drinks build up inside the deeper layers of our skin and then manifest into various skin issues like bloating, puffiness, acne, redness and overall dullness in skin. Staying sober can play a huge role in reducing these congesting conditions in our skin, therefore leaving our skin fresh, glowing and flawless!
  • LOTS of water: This is the easiest hack to clearer skin! Water is the remedy to flush out most toxins in our system, (so drink up!) and if you want even better results you can always toss in some lemon slices, cucumber slices or even some mint leaves to detox the system.

Also another tip that is super important: A good amount of sleep. Although it may be hard, getting an ample amount of sleep the weeks/week leading up to the shoot can be vital as it can completely diminish so many of the issues with our skin, mainly dark circles!


The makeup process for a fitness shoot is very important. Like mentioned before, creating that no-makeup makeup look requires a lot of skin prep and to enhance that, the makeup has to look just as natural. Here at The Photo Studio the steps used to nail the perfect photo shoot look are are quite simple; 

-Thoroughly cleanse the skin

-Tone the skin 

-Moisturise both the face and neck

-Apply either a lip Scrub or lip balm

-Finally apply the Makeup (Usually silicone based-makeup)

Using makeup products that give a glass skin look such as highlighter, light blush and contour also help greatly to achieve the natural finish that is needed for a fitness photoshoot. Another handy tip is to avoid fake tan prior to the shoot as it can alter both the texture and colour of your skin on camera.


Much like taking care of the skin inside out, our hair must also be taken care of with small amounts of prep being carried out leading up to the shoot. According to our Hair and Makeup artist’s recommendations, the best way to prepare hair for texture styling is to clean it and wash it either the night before the shoot or the morning of the shoot to avoid excessive oil on the hair. If the hair is left unwashed for more time than that, there is a chance that the hair can come out greasy on camera. Some of the best and most practical hairstyles that are most commonly used in fitness shoots are:

  • Straightened Hair Out
  • Gelled & Swept Back 
  • High Ponytails 
  • Buns (both low and high) 
  • Man Bun

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is a little bit different, you could also try:

  • High Space Buns 
  • High Space Braided Buns 
  • French Braids 
  • Fishtail Braids

Often for fitness photoshoots, many of the poses will involve more movement. Using some strong hold hair spray or firm hold wax will come handy throughout the shoot. 

If you’d like to go the extra mile to have that fresh and healthy hair look, a trim for the ends or even a slicked back semi ‘wet look’ can bring some intensity to a shot!

200178703WAL_1300 (1)


The other small things to keep in mind when prepping for your shoot;

  • Nails: Keep them trimmed and clean. A natural manicure would be a good option to avoid the stress, both with or without polish.
  • Tattoos: If you have any tattoos and are worried about covering them up, don’t stress! They can either be covered with full coverage foundation/concealer or even edited in the post-shoot process. 
  • Teeth: It seems like a no-brainer, but always find the time to thoroughly clean your teeth before the shoot, especially if you have eaten just before.


In summary, let your fitness photoshoot be a 360 representation of who you are and what you exude! Most of these tips are things that you can just do from home so you don’t have to stress about it when the big day comes. Your skin and your hair show health from what you go through within your lifestyle, so remember to take care of yourself first, and everything else will fall into place leading up to your fitness shoot. 

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