Teen Fashion Shoot Experience


The experience begins with a 20 MINUTE STYLING CALL one week prior to your fashion shoot. This is your chance to pick the brain of a professional stylist – from which outfits in your wardrobe will photograph best to how you want your hair and makeup done on the day.

Together you will discuss the style of photos you want and the overall art direction of the shoot. Bringing in REFERENCE SHOTS either on your phone or cut out of a magazine is a great way for us to visualize what you have in mind!


The hair and makeup chair is where THE TRANSFORMATION BEGINS. Our international team of hair and makeup artists have travelled the globe working backstage at fashion shows from London to New York, Paris to Tokyo. They LOVE to get creative. So whether you want something fresh and natural or bold and editorial, we are up for the challenge!


Posing for a photographer isn’t easy! But with a creative team who makes you feel RELAXED AND CONFIDENT on camera, it can quickly turn into a playful and exhilarating experience.

During your photo shoot  your photographer will DIRECT YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY , teaching you to pose and look natural on camera. The shoot will take between 1 and 2 hours, during which we’ll take over 1000 beautiful snaps of you. By the time it’s over, we guarantee that you won’t want to leave!


One week after your photo shoot you and your parent / guardian will return to the studio for the most exciting part of all – the moment when your incredible photos are revealed! Over 1 – 2 hours you and your Producer will cull the shots down from the best 60 to your absolute favourites. We’ll then help you choose a photography package that suits you INDIVIDUAL NEEDS & BUDGET.

Our selection of photography packages is designed to cater for every client. From wall art with a wow factor to DIGITAL PACKAGES perfect for sharing online, we’ll ensure that you walk away with a stunning series of photos that you will treasure forever.