Male Modelling Experience


When building a male modelling portfolio it’s best to keep the wardrobe simple. Agencies want to see your BODY SHAPE and NATURAL LOOKS, so for at least the first look we’ll make sure that your outfits comply with this industry standard.

For the second outfit, we encourage something bold and editorial to demonstrate your versatility. One week prior to your photo shoot you will receive a 20 MINUTE STYLING CALL from our studio stylist who will run through exactly what to bring in and how best to prepare.


An EXPERIENCED HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST will prepare you for the camera whilst aiming to get the best out of your strong bone structure.

When it comes to hair and makeup for a male modelling  photo shoot, you can be as simple or as creative as you like. Sometimes it’s fun to to be inspired by rock stars like David Bowie and create an editorial look that’s totally original!


It’s so important that you work with a fashion photographer who has genuine industry experience. That way you can GET YOUR PORTFOLIO RIGHT THE FIRST TIME and continue to add to it over time – as opposed to redoing the entire project because the images don’t show you in your best light.

Our photographers are experts at getting the most out of everyone. They are trained at working with NON-PROFESSIONALS AND FIRST-TIME MODELS, and they’ll take all the time you need to feel comfortable in front of the camera and get those effortless, natural shots.

Step 4. Model Coaching

Modelling isn’t easy. During your photo shoot we can provide you with basic model coaching – teaching you HOW TO STAND AND POSE correctly. This experience will prove invaluable when you find yourself on your first modelling job.

Step 5. Image Selection

AGENCIES WANT TO SEE DIVERSITY in a portfolio with a variety of emotions that show you can sell different types of products. They want to see your body shape in the form of full body shots, as well as strong head shots and profile shots.

Over 1 – 2 hours you and your Producer will cull the shots down from the best 60 to your absolute favourites. We’ll then help you chose a modelling portfolio which best suits your INDIVIDUAL NEEDS & BUDGET. All of our modelling portfolio’s come with the digital files included.