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This is a company that represents models. They are the Go-between you and the client and are responsible for finding you work. Agencies take a commission (roughly 20%) on each job they book you for.


A Model Booker is the sole person within your agency who is responsible for finding you work. They are the ones that contact you with details about your castings, go-sees and jobs.


In the fashion modelling world your “book” is essentially your portfolio. This is the strongest selection of photographs/work that you have collected over the span of your career. Always take your book to castings and go-sees.

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This is a small document sent out by the client to everyone required on the day of photo shooting. This outlines all the information you’ll need for the shoot including contact details, street addresses, call times and any reference images.


This is the time you are required to turn up for your shoot/job.


Clients will request male and female models to attend a casting before they book anyone for a job. Depending on the job they will ask you to try on their clothes, take some photos and walk for them.


Your comp cards are kept in the back of your portfolio and are what you give to clients at castings / meet & greets. Your comp card generally contains your strongest headshot and a selection of smaller photographs so clients can easily see how you photograph and what styles of shoots you have experience in. Your comp card should also state your name, measurements and your agency’s contact information so clients can easily book you for jobs.


Digitals, or sometimes called “Polaroids” are a series of naturally lit photographs highlighting your facial features as well as your
body shape. Digis are used during the submitting process to any modelling agency.


In some cases clients will book you for a job where no casting or go-see is required. These jobs are called direct bookings.


When a fashion model is first starting out with an agency or in a new market, their agency will send them off on ‘go sees’ to meet with potential clients. This is so clients are aware of any new faces they may not have met in prior castings.


This is a document that lists the conditions agreed to between the model and the photographer or client. It outlines what the images will be used for and requires the model to waive any rights or claims to ownership of the photographs.



This is generally the first agency that you begin working with when you start out as a model. Your Mother Agent should have special relationships with larger agencies around the world. They help build your portfolio and once they feel you’re ready will try to sign/place you with these larger agencies to help further your career. The Mother Agent is usually entitled to 10% of all your earnings made in each placement they find for you.


This term is used for jobs where you won’t receive recognition from the photo shoot. For example – shooting a look book for a shoe company where they will just photograph your legs.


Time for Prints. This is a term that
is used quite often when creatives are starting out in the industry and there is no monetary compensation for the shoot. Everyone involved
is paid with images which they are then free to use as they please.


This is a page that has been “torn” out of the publication you’ve appeared in. These are great additions to any portfolio as they showcase that you’ve been working professionally.


A photo shoot where the photographer and model both need photographs for their portfolios. This is generally unpaid (TFP) or if the photographer is established
the model will sometimes pay the photographer a fee.

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