How To Pose for Photos: Tips To Accentuate Your Unique Features

The barrier between fabulous and flawed has been demolished. Our incredible differences and unique features represent a diverse modern movement. Embracing the characteristics you were born with should be nurtured and encouraged. Posing for photos can be daunting but there is no healthier way to celebrate the traits that make you, you! High-fashion models such as Lindsey Wixson, Rain Dove and Winnie Harlow made waves due to their fascinating skin tones and facial structures. Chiseled jaw, luscious lips or unforgettable eyes can easily be emphasised through a few creative tricks! So let your flawless face guide you and learn to accentuate your most unique features for the lens.


By Natalie Dawson


Georgia, 17 years old, came into our Melbourne Studio earlier this year to kick start her modelling dreams and to create a professional modelling portfolio. She has always had a passion for modelling and decided to give it a go. Georgia aspires to model internationally and one of her favourite models that inspired her to embrace her confidence and personality is Leon Dame. “He brings so much uniqueness and charisma to the modelling industry”. On behalf of The Photo Studio we are thrilled to announce Georgia has been signed with Chic Management. Being able to work with Georgia again and welcoming her back into our studio to model for our 2022 Model Search was such a delight.

Salem Mitchel for Into The Gloss


Dry, moist, maroon or bright red, parted lips reveal the ultimate statement of chic.

Your beautiful gap is one of your unique features and it deserves its moment in the spotlight, even if it’s through a barely parted mouth. Drop your shoulders and relax your face, glance down at the camera with lazy eyes and allow your shiny pearls to poke through.

When in doubt, scream and shout! Gap teeth should be celebrated, especially with a smile. Be silly, laugh, stick your tongue out, yell and sing, your photographer won’t mind!

Try squeezing your cheeks into a pout, or biting down to accentuate not only your gap but also your luscious lips.

Slick Woods for Glamour


Your unique features set you apart from the crowd. There is nothing other than power and beauty that comes from loving your exceptional characteristics.

A wandering eye enhances the complexity of your photograph; it is additional depth and personality. Try using your hand to cover your lips, let your eyes captivate and entice like you know they can.

Don’t work against the distinctive shapes of your sockets; further expose their difference through makeup techniques and the use of accessories.

High fashion photography applauds the unusually wonderful — wink, blink and flutter your lashes when trying to emphasis your wandering eye.

Moffy Gathorne-Hardy for FMD


There is no such thing as “too pale” or “too dark”. Vastly varying skin tones can offer the opportunity for a photographer to experiment with an array of compelling backdrops and lighting techniques.

While there is always a flattering middle ground, your unique pigmentation should be admired and individuality catered for.

Deep skin tones look striking when contrasted with deep burgundy’s and olive backgrounds, try incorporating these colours into your style choices too. Accentuated with a gelled light, you’re guaranteed to look surreal and high fashion in your photographs.

If your skin is fair, try soft pastels, there is a fear of being washed out but these baby hues can give your skin a gentle, almost graphic quality. Simply embrace your face and that will radiate through the lens.

Khoudia Diop for Refinery Magazine


The ears are a neglected feature on the face, yet they offer a world of opportunity for dynamic poses.

If you love the large size and charming pixie shape of your ears, incorporate them into your poses. Pull down on your lobes, or accentuate their character by cupping your hands around the curve.

Slick back your hair and decorate them with a chunky pair of earrings — the bigger, the better.

Posing for a photo doesn’t need to be intimidating, show your ears some love and have fun!

Tanya Dziahileva for Vogue Taiwan


The ethereal glance from a pair of wide-set eyes is effortlessly captivating. Associated with high-perceived intelligence, your wide-set eyes uncover the sexiness linked with intellect.

Be bold, be brave, directly face the camera and show off the broad expanse between your eyes.

An unswerving connection between your seductive gaze and the camera will undoubtedly draw focus to your striking hues. Opt for an intricate eye look; made up of colourful shadows and coats of chunky mascara.

Outside of front facing headshot, let your eyes glow by finding the light. Constricted pupils will show off the unique colour of your eyes in coloration with the distance between them.

Ju Xiaowen for Madame Figaro


The perfect pout is feverishly sought after and has become the modern signature of sex appeal. Unlike other noteworthy unique features, your lips don’t need to be pushed hard outside the occasional cheeky pout.

Should you be blessed with prominent pucker, do not fear, they will be noticed and can be utilized in a variety of striking ways.

Try suggesting a bold lipstick outside the usual red rouge. Sun-yellows, bright blues and glittery gold’s will surely accentuate your distinctive shape.

Posing for a photo with your hands and fingers can effortlessly draw more attention to your lips, but letting your pout speak for itself helps escape the Instagram-famous realm of portraiture.

Ju Xiaowen for Madame Figaro


Gone are the days of the penciled in and over-plucked. Untamed and bushy brows have found their place and they’re here to stay.

Your natural wonders help define your face, so why not darken them even more? Make a statement by dragging some black shadows through the hairs, accentuating your edgy look for the camera.

Raise your eyebrows in question, curiosity or faux concern. Use your fierce feature to dramatically emote and create entrancing fashion portraits filled with energy.

Try pulling the arch up and away from your eyes with your fingers for a more defined high-fashion pose.

Natalia Castellar for Bianca Calvan


According to Heidi Klum, the best way to emphasis your neck is to stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth when you smile. This technique in combination with jutting your head forward like a turtle is a Klum trade secret.

Lowering your front shoulder while simultaneously acting as if a wire is pulling you to the roof through your spine gives similar results (and feels more natural).

To best compliment your delicate décolletage and slender neck try wearing light colours and pulling your hair back.

Minimizing distractions, including the presences of your hands, will keep your favourite feature as the star of the show.

Alyssa Sutherland for InStyle Australia


Androgynous female models naturally push back against gender stereotypes. Use your strong jaw to your advantage and grind your teeth together for that chiseled look.

Raising one shoulder higher than the other will help frame the face, showing off your unique bone structure, giving your photographs an edge.

Therefore, when facing the camera, try jutting your head forward to strengthen the angle of your jaw even further. It may feel strange, but from the cameras point-of-view your unique features will appear strong and sharp.

Lead with your jaw, the closer it is to the camera the larger it’ll come across through the lens.

Saskia de Brauw for Vogue Germany

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