Introduction To Modelling Webinar

Join us to learn how to get started on your modelling journey.

Topics Covered:

– Types of modelling
– How to find your niche
– Tools of a model
– Building your confidence and passion
– How to get the most out of your Modelling Shoot
– Tips on how to kick start your modelling career

Thursday 3rd June,  2021

Meet Your Host!

Meet Anna – Creative Producer at The Photo Studio and part-time commercial model. In this webinar I’m going to share with you some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned from over 10 years working in front of the camera. From the different types of modelling to the tools of the trade, we’ll cover a range of topics to help you get your foot in the door of the modelling industry!

Friendly Reminders

  • Please arrive early to the Masterclass
  • Please add the zoom invite link into your calendar (Zoom will prompt you to download the app if you haven’t)
  • Your video will be turned off so you can attend the Masterclass in your pyjamas if you like!