Top 10 Talent Agencies in Melbourne

If you’ve always dreamed of finding your way onto the big screen, these talent agencies in Melbourne are your one-stop-shop to success. Whether you’re interested in acting, modeling, dancing or have a unique talent, there is an agency perfect for you!

By Natalie Dawson

Central Melbourne Talent Agency

Managed by actor and director Suzanne Barr, Central Melbourne Talent Agency has been operating since 2012. They represent a diverse group of experienced adult actors. Central Melbourne Talent welcomes performers with training in screen acting and/or musical theatre.

Suzanne prides herself on being proactive and seeking jobs for her talent. In current news, two of their talented performers have been nominated for the 2020 Greenroom Awards. Launched in 1983, The Green Room Awards allow performing arts peers to honour one another for their achievements. Willow Sizer and Honor Wolff starred in the stage production of Cabaret resulting in their nominations.

Central Melbourne Talent religiously promotes and shares the love for their performers through their website and social media.

Bubblegum Casting

Jacki Jenkinson opened the doors to Bubblegum Casting in 1981. Bubblegum Casting quickly became the go-to agency for youth talent due to Jacki’s reputation within the industry. Her dream was the build off of family values and prioritise the safety and well-being of her young performers. Bubblegum Casting has housed many successful child stars and the agency only continues to grow.

Managing Director and new owner Adam Jacobs has since taken the reins. He continues to abide by the ingrained core values that represent Bubblegum Casting. The much-admired talent agency has seen many changes over the years, but all have been beneficial for the children. Bubblegum Kids can be seen in commercial campaigns for brands such as David Jones, Seed and Huggies. They’ve also jumped onto the big screen with Marvel and Disney.

JM Agency

Established in 1986, JM Agency considers itself to be an expert when it comes to representing aspiring talent. Based in St Kilda the boutique agency draws upon its small team’s large experience within the industry.

Their track record is immaculate and they are known for representing actress Bella Heathcote. The Australian actress has starred in films such as ‘Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman’ and ‘Neon Demon’ alongside Elle Fanning.

JM Agency celebrates all their talent through their Instagram page — no matter the amount of experience. Emerging talent can look forward to creating international connections thanks to JM Agency’s great reputation across US & UK Agents.

RPR Talent Management

Based in Melbourne, RPR Talent Management is known for its dedicated team and commitment to sourcing the best opportunities for their aspiring cast.

RPR Performers have worked on a range of media, beginning with leading dramas and ending with commercial features. Titles include Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018), Offspring, and Neighbours. They represent everyone from children to adults and also specialise in influencers.

The Photo Studio’s very own client Holly Johnson is part of the talented RPR crew (pictured left!). The agency often posts casting calls on their Instagram, offering followers the opportunity to interview for representation. 

BGM Agency

BGM Agency is a boutique agency located in St Kilda. They predominantly promote and provide talent for voice-over and radio, but also film, television and theatre. Their voice-over department is Melbourne’s longest established and includes some of Australia’s most loved voices.

BGM offers one-on-one training and aims to place their talent in jobs that are best suited for them. They have extensive connections around Australia to provide their performers with the best opportunities and maximum exposure.

BGM Agency has been working together with Woods Theatrical Agency since the early 1970s, their collaborations have given roles to many aspiring musical theatre actors. Including Lisa Sontag, a Billy Elliot cast member, who was recently surprised by Sir Elton John during one of their performances.

Chameleon Chasting

Chameleon Casting is internationally known as a leading player for talent in film, talent and advertising. Since 1993 Chameleon Casting has been building a name for themselves due to their punctuality, dedication and fast turn-around.

Their company represents their namesake as they pride themselves in adapting as the times change. Chameleon Casting aims to take fresh-faces and promote their unique looks and talent to casting directors. Their motto falls under the guise that no job is considered to be too big or too small.

Chameleons have been seen in big films such as ‘Last Ride’ starring Hugo Weaving and smaller commercials for Toyota and Nissan.

Ripleys Management

A small boutique talent agency in Melbourne, Ripleys Management Australia represents extras and unique faces for a film. They are a niche agency seeking a particular ‘everyday’ look better known as a ‘character’ face.

Distinct enough for screen, but won’t draw too much attention away from the primary talent. Ripleys Management has a personal connection with all its clients in order to protect the safety of its performers.

They also screen their talent in order to protect the well-being of potential clients. Correct safety procedures are a crucial and important element of Ripleys Management Australia.

Epic Talent Management

Operating since 1995, Epic Talent Management is considered to be one of the most versatile talent agencies in Melbourne. They represent an endless list of skilled people ranging from performers to hospitality workers.

Epic Talent has actors, extras and models, while they also provide promotional staff, bloggers, gymnasts and voice over artists.

This endless array of opportunities makes Epic Talent a one-stop-shop for those with multiple skills. Their Instagram is predominantly used to update followers on casting calls and industry information.

Real People Casting Agency

Real People Casting has been on the scene for 25 years and counting. They are one of the leading talent agencies in Melbourne with strong bonds to national and international clients.

Managing Director Mario Verescuk has continued to grow the company through a professional and personalised approach. The agency arose from the need for real-looking people to be in film, movies and television. The need for realism was high and Real People Casting decided to fill the gap in the market. They bring authenticity and realism and their represented talents are of many different ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

Real People Casting loves performers with secret skills — be it martial arts or extreme sports.

One Cue Talent Agency

A highly respected boutique Extras Agency, One Cue Talent are based in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. They specialise in casting performers for feature films, television, print, advertising and billboards.

One Cue offers opportunities for children (between 3 months to 15 years) and adults. They are continuously seeking and interviewing talent to represent and no experience is required to audition.

One Cue has been in the industry for over 30 years and is a great place to start if you’ve ever dreamed of being on the big screen.

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