Tips to Feel More Confident on Camera

The media loves showing us beautiful people. We’re all guilty of watching The Kardashians a little too much. The problem is, when we see these people – we start to develop unrealistic expectations of ourselves. Why can’t I have her legs? Why can’t I have her eyes? What we don’t ask ourselves, is why is it so difficult to be absolutely content with who we are?  We need to realise models and celebrities aren’t gods. They aren’t superheroes. They’re everyday humans like the rest of us. They have their imperfections and flaws that they too wish they could change. Only difference between us and them is, their imperfections are concealed by some clever make-up artists and the re- touching of photos.

The day we stop trying to emulate these celebrities and start embracing our own beauty – is the day we become substantially happier human beings.

We’ve outlined some ways some ways to help ease your insecurities and nerves during your photoshoot to make sure you rock it in on camera !

Chuck a compliment to yourself

So, you’re in hair and make-up in preparation for your shoot. You’ve got that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach. What do you do? Simple. Why not give yourself a small compliment? Instead of “look at that disgusting pimple”, say “my lips are on point today”.

According to psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, a researcher at the University of North Carolina, positive thoughts like “joy, love and content help you to broaden your sense of possibilities in life.” This in turn helps you to develop new skills. Proving that positive thoughts are not merely emotions that will subside after a short period of time – they have long term benefit.

Don’t try and hide the “bad stuff”

We find something new every day that we don’t like about ourselves – it’s human! Again it may be something tiny – but funnily enough we put such a large emphasis on this one small imperfection.

When considering your wardrobe for the shoot, of course you want to wear something that you are comfortable in. But, maybe consider wearing something that shows you’re proud of who and what you are. If you don’t like your stomach – wear a crop top, why? Because you can. If you don’t like the dimples around your legs – wear shorts, why? Because you can. When you come to the point in your life where you accept that you can’t hide or change those small imperfections about yourself, it is the most liberating and comforting feeling. It’ll help you immensely not only in your shoot, but in your life as a whole.


Make a killer playlist

So everything is set and ready to go. Insecurities are slowly starting to subside, but then of course, the nerves start looming. What can you do to ease these nerves?

Music. Music is the best ice breaker.  Get your creative team to pump up the tunes on set!  Some girly tracks from the The Spice Girls always does the trick. Have a dance, be silly, have a sing along even – just relax yourself! Remember, the camera records how a person feels in that exact moment. So, if you feel happy – you’ll look happy.

Communicate with your photographer

Communicate with your photographer, make sure you tell them what you want your photos to look like. Share your insecurities and listen to their advice. You’ll find that once you become comfortable in front of your photographer, that’s when the enjoyment will occur. You’ll pose, you’ll be fierce, you’ll be silly – it’ll just be an exciting experience all around.


This too is easier said than done. But just have FUN. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, photoshoots don’t happen every day. Forget your insecurities, enjoy the experience and make it a memorable one. And never forget; you’re fierce AF.

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