Personal shoot | A journey of Empowerment


Let’s start with a question: What is a personal shoot?

As self-explanatory as that ‘personal’ can be, this type of shoot can be many things, depending on the reasons behind it.
A personal shoot can be a branding shoot for entrepreneurs and professionals, a couples shoot, a boudoir shoot, it can be anything.

In most cases it’s a milestone, a ritual to capture an important time on our own -very personal- life journey.

A lot of people that walk through The Photo Studio’s doors, request this type of shoot after a life-changing
event, a break-up, a story of survival, a major accomplishment.


Choosing Your Own Narrative

Personal shoots can be far more profound for our female and femme clients whose feedback often describes it as “a deeply transformative experience”.

Women, more so than men, have been objectified and put on the passenger’s seat for decades when it comes to photography, be it fashion, glamour shoots or even lifestyle.

Not anymore!

Women have taken the reins, writing their own narrative. Partly through social media, photography has become a secondary voice, allowing women to express themselves and to share their own image the way they want. Every day we see women own up to their personal sexual expression through how they choose to be seen.

Self-acceptance And Self-love

We have mentioned it before, yet we can’t stress it enough, that the first step to confidence is accepting who we truly are. Every angle; every fold of our physical appearance and every crevice of our personality.

It is only when we embrace our uniqueness and beauty that we can be comfortable with how we are seen and experienced by others.

At The Photo Studio, we believe that anyone who can stand in front of a camera to be photographed can be a model.

Seeing people step outside of their comfort zone and into their true potential during our photo shoot sessions has been an eye-opener.

The confidence mustered to pose in front of a professional photographer, especially without previous experience, has been a true moment of empowerment for so many of our clients.

It is also an act of self-love.

Who wouldn’t want to be pampered by hair and makeup artists and assisted by a fashion stylist, both dedicated to bringing out your strengths?

With the help of an experienced and supportive team, we have been privileged to see people unravel all their layers and express themselves like never before.

What starts as an attempt to perform or recreate poses, soon gives way to the model’s unique personality, encouraged by the photographer.

It becomes a lived experience of who we CAN be while those precious moments are captured in time!

The beauty of gifting yourself a professional photoshoot hides in the way the experience allows you to see a side of yourself you never knew existed.

Relinquishing control to a photographer in a safe space, can allow you to see yourself from all angles and discover abilities you may have not known otherwise.

You will be surprised by your own beauty!

More Than Just Pretty Photographs

Personal shoot photographs are more than pretty images.

It is not hard to make someone look beautiful.

What is hard is to make someone feel beautiful and that is what The Photo Studio experience offers.

The images we receive from personal shoots are proof of exactly those moments of self-love and empowerment.


They show what you can create when you tap into your potential.

Through those images you get to tell your own story and star in it, too!

You get to share these moments with the world or cherish them as a reminder and motivator to keep smiling and loving yourself.

What is most empowering is that you’re not doing this for anyone else; you’re doing this for you!

Melbourne Doctor Treats Herself to a Personal Photo Shoot

Carmen Brown is a mother, a doctor and a selfless sweetheart. In search of an experience just for her, Carmen came into our Melbourne Studio for some pampering, posing and personal time. She speaks about her photo shoot experience and how putting herself first, made her feel celebrated and empowered.

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Melbourne Doctor Treats Herself to a Personal Photo Shoot

At first I was quite nervous but after meeting the team they made me feel very welcomed and at home. I had a fantastic photographer who had the ability to put a smile on my face and make me feel like a star. My makeup artist was amazing and made sure to check in on how I felt, which is something I loved as a quiet person.


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