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Becoming a model is a competitive, subjective and sometimes cut-throat industry. No guide out there can make or break your career. But while genetics play an important role, an unwritten rulebook of etiquette and professionalism runs deep through the modelling world. Models don’t just get hired because they have the right look. They get hired because they have the right attitude and are good to work with.

So here are a few tips to help get you started on the right foot. If you’d like a more comprehensive overview of the industry, ask us for a copy of our Complete Beginners Guide to Modelling.

How to become a model

1. Improvise with Friends

This may seem like an obvious one but until you experience being at the other end of a camera you have no idea whether modelling is actually for you. It’s good to start simple so get a parent, friend or trusted adult to take some basic images of you. If you enjoy the experience and feel confident on camera, then consider pursuing it further.

2. Get Mum and Dad on Board with Becoming a Model

If you’re under 16 and just starting out in the industry, it’s likely that you’ll need accompanying or chauffeuring to castings and jobs.  In fact, being the parent of a young model can require just as much work as being a model yourself. So go fetch a sponge and start washing Dads car!

How to be a model

3. Keep Instagramming

Sorry Mum! With the rise of social platforms in our media landscape, having a large following can significantly increase your chances of getting signed as a professional model. In fact, a whole new breed of agency has now emerged focusing purely on the movers and shakers, the ‘key influencers’ of social media.

4. Get Fresh Digi’s

Although it’s important to have professional photos in a portfolio, agencies also want to see what you look like in your most natural, raw state. Digi’s should be taken either outside, in front of a white wall or by a window. It’s best to wear clothing that shows off your figure – skinny jeans with a tank top and high heels are recommended for girls – skinny jeans and a neutral coloured tee for guys. Be sure to include a head shot looking straight at the camera, a photo of your profile at half-length and a full body shot.

How to get into modelling

5. Book a Model Shoot

There are thousands of photographers out there who can help you build a modelling portfolio. Here at TPS we’re fortunate to work with some of the best in the business. Our creative team have experience shooting everyone from top international models to total first-timers. Modelling is harder than it looks. So having a photographer who can teach you how to stand and pose correctly is a must when starting out in the industry.

6. Apply for Agencies

Once you’ve got some professional shots and digi’s, the submission process begins. You can go about this in two ways – open calls or direct submission.

Some of the larger agencies have open calls where they open their doors to meet with aspiring models during certain hours of a particular day. Agencies that have this option will have it clearly stated on their website.

Direct submissions are done via email which can be found on the agency websites. Remember to include the best images from your portfolio as well as digi’s and all your stats.

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3004160EMI BTS_01

7. Be Mindful of Your Physical & Mental Health


Becoming a model can be very demanding on the body. With 5am call times, 12 hour location shoots and sometimes 6 castings in one day, it’s important to look and feel your absolute best. In order to do this, the way you treat your body and yourself is important. This includes diet, exercise and overall attitude to yourself and others.

When entering the modelling industry it’s so important to be aware that you can’t please everyone. It’s a plain fact that you’re not going to be the right fit for every client and a big part of modelling is being able to handle rejection. Remember to stay true to who you are and not compare yourself too much to other models. It’s also good to take a step back from the industry every once in a while and do something totally different.

how to become a model



Hi guys I want to get into modelling I have a big fan base on instagram which is @reneekoloveros Thanks


I’d really love to be a model but I don’t know how to get started or if they’ll let me in because I’m only fourteen years old.

Drew Sullivan

Hi Keara, if you’re interested in doing a photo shoot with us to explore the possibilities of modelling, then we’d love to collaborate 🙂


Hi, I would really love to become a model, I’ve done a photo shoot before with you guys, it was amazing, I loved posing in front of the camera. I just need help to make it happen. I’ve got a portfolio, I’ve been looking after my body also. If you guys could reply or email it would be great.

Drew Sullivan

Hi Stacey! Did you get a copy of our beginners guide to modelling magazine? If not, call the studio you had your photo shoot in and ask them to post you one! This has a list of great agencies to contact and will hopefully help give you a foot in the door with your applications!


I would really love to do modeling it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years and just always seeing models on tv they look so happy and are having so much fun and I would love to have that as a career for me I am only 15 but I would love to


Hi! I am really passionate about becoming a model, I’m 18 years of age and I really want to get out there and pursue this dream. Would you be able to help me kick start this career?

Drew Sullivan

Hi Taila, I imagine you’d make an amazing model! We have studios in Melbourne and Sydney. If you’re interested in becoming a model and are located in Sydney or Melbourne, then send us a message through this link and we’ll be in touch!


Hi I’m Syaf , I’ve been interested to be a Model since I was kid . I just wondering what if people have pimples in their faces and having a chubby body ? Are there still a change to be a model ?

Bella Ross

i really want to start modelling, im 5’5 and 15, check out my instagram maybe? @bellaeross

Drew Sullivan

Hi Abigail! Thats awesome, congrats! If you’d like to update your portfolio and get some more amazing shots then We have studios in Melbourne and Sydney. If you’re interested in becoming a model and are located in Sydney or Melbourne, then send us a message through this link and we’ll be in touch!

Abby norriss

Hi, I’ve always been interested in modelling and would love to move over to Sydney once I’ve finished school and peruse this dream of mine. I am currently 16 (as of two days ago) which is year 10. I believe I have the body (legs;)) to be a successful model and the looks. I just was wondering how to get started, prices and what sizing you need to be to be a professional model??

Thanks heaps xx


Hey, I haven’t really been interested in the idea of “modeling” until a few weeks ago, when some mates at a party told me that i should model. I’m Currently 13 (Year 7). I just need alittle help getting started. I think id have alot of fun in the industry and i think you guys will enjoy my company.



I really want to be a model since I was kid but my height is low , do u think I can still do modelling?


I’m want to become a model, i want it as my future career i have always had a passion on the modeling industry, im 15 years old and i want to start at my teens before its too late


Hey, I’d really love to start doing some modelling. I’ve always been interested in doing it but I just don’t know where to start and what todo. I’m very new to the whole thing (:

Emma Adams

Hi Drew, My name is Emma, I’m 12 years old and I would love to be a model.
Is there any modeling agencies around Dubbo Nsw? I am confident behind a camera and know my makeup. I would be an amazing experience to be a model. I would love to make a career from it! Please Reply! Thank you!!!!!


Hello, I’m only 14, but i’ve been dying to do a photoshoot or modelling since i was 6. Although i live in a poor family and cant afford a proffesional photography session. If anyone could please give me an acency or a number, any tips, anything. Please. This is my dream, and i really need help.


Hi, I’m 14 years old and I’m really interested in doing some modelling! Advice?


I think my daughter might be interested in modelling but she’s only 5″2 and she doesn’t think she’s got the right body. What type of image do you look for ?

Danielle Alcorn

I would really like to become a model but i am only 14, would i be able to have my 21 year old cousin as my supervisor as my parents wont do it? This is my dream and i would love to join with you


Hi, I’m Charlotte. I’m 13 and want to start doing hair modelling. But I don’t want my hair to be cut or coloured, more just styling because I’m still in school.

Emma Cranby

I am only twelve years old, but i am wondering if modelling might be a possibility for me.I always wanted to do something with my life, and would love to model🤗 Do you think it is possible?


I really want to get into professional modelling! i have a large following via facebook and instagram but unsure how to take my passion further into more of a professional level as im mostly self taught an don’t know where to start if i should look into a agency right away.


Hi My name is Neb and I am 39 with an Indian ethnicity. My dream is to be do modeling in magazines from very early age. I really want to get out there and pursue this dream. Would you be able to help me to kick start this career.
I am 5.2″ and weigh 55 kilos.

Bella Hughes

Hi i’m Bella and I’d really like to start modelling. I’m 5’8 and i’m 14. Maybe have a look at my instagram? @bellahhughes


Hi, I’m Laoise (Leesha) and I’m 13 and I’d really love to start modelling, becoming a model has popped into my head before but now I’m really considering it, and I’d love to start as soon as possible. Maybe go check out my Instagram lele_murphy13. I would love to get a photo shoot done so i can get a portfolio.


I am 17 years old and have always been very interested in modelling, I have been offered by a few people I`ve met public to be apart of their studio however, due to my age or position at the time I haven’t been able to accept the offers, as of now I am highly considering this pathway, check out my Instagram for a few pictures @demisalikas

Mercy Rey Celada

I want to be a model! But it feels like its impossible for me to be one maybe modelling is not for me 🙂


I really want to become a model but i don’t know where to start or how to become on. Help me please!!!!

Bella Mallary

Hey, I’m interested in becoming a model. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. Though, I don’t know how to go about it . I’m only 4’11 and have a large chest.. thoughts ?


Hey, I’ve wanted to do modelling ever since I was a little girl. I’ve taken so many photographs and I hardly wear makeup and I’ve looked after my body. I live in Townsville and I was wondering if I could make it happen.


Hey , I’ve wanted to do proper modelling for ages , ive done a few shoots here and there for my dad who is a photographer and i have also done a photoshoot for a wedding dress store and it was heaps of fun and i loved being in that environment . I am currently 14 years old and 6 foot.

caitlyn bates

I am very interested in modelling i can be shy but i think modelling can help with that i want to express myself and i think modelling would be the way to do that,although i am only 14 and i don’t have any money what can i do?

Rheanna Pyle

Hello, my daughter wants to be come a model. She loves modelling and photo shoots. she’s only 5″5 and she have beautiful face even without makeup. What type of image do you look for? My daughter is half Filipino and half Australian.

Rheanna Pyle

Hello, my daughter wants to be come a model. She loves modelling and photo shoots. Her Height is 5″5. she has a beautiful face without makeup. What type My daughter is half Filipino and half Australian. She is 16 year old and her body shape size 6/8

Kaitlyn Gelpi

I would love to become a model but i do not feel i am a fit or what they are looking for. I am not girly but i never had to teach me things i lear ed by myself. Im not the best looking but i a have a good bubbly personality and just love to have fun.


Hey , i’ve always wanted to model and im a Zimbabwean who is as African as can be i am seventeen ,very slim ,tall and do not usually wear make up .Is there any hope of me becoming a model one day?


Hello, I am interested in becoming a model, however, I don’t think my sizes are the perfect ones.

Ryann Taylor

Hi i’m Ryann i’m 16 years old and I would really love to start modeling but I don’t know how to get started. I’m 5’5″ and love style and fashion. This would be my dream job.


I’m only 12 years old and I would like to be a model and role model for hundreds of little girls around the world.


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