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Image Source: Out Magazine

There has never been a better time to be a mature model, with a rise in silver foxes beginning to strike the fashion industry. Here is the Photo Studio’s list of top 10 male models over 50.

By Keir Hale

10. Will Willitts

Image Source: Silver Fox Management
Image Source: Silver Fox Management

Age: Uknown

Nationality: Australian

Agency: Silver Fox MGMT Group

Instagram: @willhombre

With a long career writing finance, company and monetary policy news for publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Financial Review, Australia’s own Will Willitts still finds the time to be a globe trotting Male Model. Often regarded as one of the biggest Australian names in male models over 50, Willitt’s salt and pepper scruff and sweptback hair has become an iconic look for male models.

9. Anthony Varrecchia

Image Source: Silver Fox Management
Image Source: Silver Fox Management

Age: 55

Nationality: American

Agency: Silver Fox MGMT Group

Instagram: @anthony.varreccia

Born and raised in New York’s Staten Island, Fitness Professional Anthony Varrecchia rose to fame in 2009 after starting a personal Instagram. As his following grew, so did the influx of messages of awe and inspiration. After launching and modelling his own clothing line, ‘Unbound’, Varrecchia made the jump to professional male modelling and is currently an Ambassador for Australia’s own Silverfox Management Group. Varrecchia was also part of the NO H8 Campaign to promote marriage, gender, and human equality.

8. Garrett Swann

Image Source: Silver Fox Management
Image Source: Silver Fox Management

Age: 49

Nationality: American

Agency: Next Models, Bell Agency, Silverfox MGMT Group

Instagram: @thegarrettswann

Garrett Swann has worked many different roles over the course of his life. From Actor, to creator of the workflow management app PAL, and – of course – to Male Model, Swann has continued to go from strength to strength. Travelling the world, he has worked on campaigns for Brooks Brothers, Dodge and even IBM. Swann is frequently recognised as one of the more prominent faces for male models over 50, despite the fact he is a little younger. Along with Anthony Varreccia, Swann is an Ambassador for Silverfox Management.

7. David Evans

Image Source: The Chap
Image Source: The Chap

Age: 63

Nationality: English

Agency: Independent

Instagram: @greyfoxblog

In 2011 David Evans founded Grey Fox Blog, a website to help him find a style for the older man. With no prior knowledge or background in menswear or the fashion industry, Evans used his blog as a way to navigate through the thick of the fashion world. As Evans style and personal sartorial look evolved, so did the amount of attention on him, leading him to work with big name brands such as Marks & Spencer, Mr Porter and IWC Watches.

6. Irvin Randle

Image Source: Cosmopolitan
Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Age: 56

Nationality: American

Agency: AEOM Public Relations

Instagram: @irvinrandle

Labelled by the Internet as #MrStealYourGrandma, Irvin Randle shot to fame when his personal Instagram went viral. The real life grandfather became a quickly became a celebrity with people focusing on his incredible physique and elegant flair. Since then, the School Teacher turned Male Model and style influencer has accumulated more than 170,000 followers on Instagram, getting featured in magazines such as Esquire and Cosmopolitan. In the last year alone Randle has graced the runways of New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and Walk Fashion Week.

5. Mark Reay

Image Source: Major Model Management

Age: 58

Nationality: American

Agency: Major Model Management

Instagram: @markreay66

Although Mark Reay has spent the majority of his life working as an Actor, Photographer and Model, it was not until he grew older that he rose to fame, working with brands such as Chanel and Vogue. In an unexpected twist in the story of the man who appeared in television shows such as Sex and the City, Reay spent six years homeless on the streets of New York City. Modelling and shooting during the day and sleeping on his friends roof in the East Village of Manhattan by night, the vagabond is the subject of the documentary Homme Less.

4. Aiden Brady

Image Source: Sight Management
Image Source: Sight Managment

Age: 52

Nationality: English

Agency: Sight Management, Q Model Managment NY

Instagram: @mr_aidenbrady

After spending a portion of the nineties working in the adult entertainment industry, Aiden Brady retired in 1999 deciding to find a new career as a Male Model. In the years that have followed Brady has paved the way for what is now considered the quintessential look in male models over 40. With long locks and a strikingly white beard, Brady has an extensive international portfolio, working with brands such as Berluti, Working Style and Bytom.

3. Wang Deshun

Image Source: Hypebeast
Image Source: GQ

Age: 81

Nationality: Chinese

Agency: Independent

Instagram: Uknown

Often dubbed ‘China’s hottest grandpa’, Wang Deshun has been making waves in the fashion industry in recent years. Deshun soared to fame in 2015 when he appeared on the runway during Beijing Fashion Week with a toned body in tow. Since then, Deshun has been instrumental in not only helping to reshape how the fashion industry views male models over 50, but also in changing China’s view on ageism in society. He has gone on to feature in a worldwide Ermenegildo Zenga campaign also starring the likes of Robert De Niro.

2. Eric Rutherford

Image Source: IMG Models
Image Source: IMG Models

Age: 50

Nationality: American

Agency: IMG Models

Instagram: @mr.rutherford

Although Eric Rutherford had moved on from modelling, working in production at the Hollywood Reporter, a chance encounter with a casting director at a child’s birthday in 2014 would see his modelling career take back off. Being told that his look was ‘trending’, Rutherford now frequently works with brands such as Hugo Boss.

1. Ignacio Quiles

Image Source: Mr Porter
Image Source: Mr Porter

Age: 65

Nationality: American

Agency: Independent

Instagram: @sartorialpairings

The multitalented Ignacio Quiles has spent his career hopping from one profession to anther. Over his lifetime, he has worked as a Vintage Storeowner, Stylist, Accessories Designer, Writer, Artist, and now finally Male Model. From the age of 11, Quiles has had a passion for fashion and menswear, often spotted sporting penny loafers or saddle shoes, and educating himself by reading through old editions of Esquire and GQ. In 2013, Quiles had his picture taken by Photographer Rose Callahan for the book I Am Dandy: The Return Of The Elegant Gentleman. From the moment his picture was taken, Quiles would go on to be featured as the subject in photographic exhibitions, and has been modelling ever since.

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Godfrey Cunningham

Have been with two agencies so far and nothing concrete as yet. This is since 2015. I am a mature male model. Really want to get into the business. Have spent quite a ton already.


I would so love to be available as a male model. I am 65 , live in Australia love lying in the sun. yes all over tan.

Donald Taylor

I’m a good looking Africa American man 60 Years of age, looking to get into modeling. I’m living in Md, are there any company’s I can contact.


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