7 Opportunities for Petite Models

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There are vast opportunities for petite models in the fashion industry. Doors that used to be shut to them have begun to open, and we are seeing more petite models working in the industry than ever before. We have rounded up the top career opportunities for petite models right here.

By Meg Swain

Petite models typically do not work in high fashion modelling in runway shows. For this type of modelling there are height and size requirements, as models are hired to fit the clothes, not the other way around. Even though this aspect of the modelling industry is not available to petite models, there are still many career opportunities for them. What are these career opportunities? Find out below:

Commercial Modelling

Commercial modelling involves selling products which are not clothes. These could be jewellery, makeup, kitchen appliances, technological devices, cars, the list is endless. To work in commercial modelling there is no height requirement, as you are not selling clothes. There are plenty of opportunities in the field of commercial modelling, as brands are always looking for models to help sell their products.

Source: Maybelline

Parts Modelling

Petite models are always in demand for parts modelling! Parts modelling involves modelling specific body parts, such as hands, feet, teeth, eyes, earlobes etc. Height does not matter one bit for this type of modelling. Petite models are popular for this type of modelling because they typically have smaller hands and feet, making them ideal.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Swimsuit and Lingerie Modelling

Whilst some swimsuit and lingerie modelling jobs may have height requirements – this type of modelling is generally pretty chill about height. All that matters is that you are fit, healthy and look great in a bikini or underwear! Many petite models work in this type of modelling.

Source: Sports Illustrated

Glamour Modelling

Glamour modelling is in the similar realm of commercial modelling but requires more sex appeal. Glamour modelling shots are seen in Playboy and Maxim, and often show more skin than commercial shots. Models who work in glamour modelling, often work in commercial modelling and swimsuit and lingerie modelling too. The best thing about glamour modelling? There are no height requirements!

Source: Maxim South Africa

Fitness Modelling

Fitness modelling involves working for fitness-related companies such as athletic-wear companies, supplement manufacturers, or sports equipment companies. The only requirement for fitness modelling is a strong, fit and healthy body – no height requirements at all. Perfect for buff petite models!

Source: Nike

Promotional Modelling

There is no height requirement for promotional modelling – all you need is an outgoing personality and a positive attitude. Promotional models work at trade shows to promote products, or they acts as the face of a brand, attending events and making appearances for the brand globally. If you are a petite model and love talking to people – this could be a great career opportunity for you.

Source: A Girls Gotta Spa

Fit Modelling

Fit modelling is an important part of the fashion industry. Fit models work with garment manufacturers to fit their clothing. This ensures that garments properly fit consumers. Because fit models are required for the numerous sizes of clothing available to us in stores – petite models are needed to work in fit modelling.

Source: UK Models

We hope that this article has opened up your eyes to the many career opportunities available to petite models. There are so many exciting directions your career as a petite model can take! We would love to help you take the first step in your petite modelling journey, get in touch below.

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