Why Does The Beauty Industry Neglect Curvy Models?

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We all know that plus size modelling is on the rise

and finally more curvy women are being accepted.

The modelling industry is very slowly attempting small shifts in thinking that in time could provoke change to the harsh industry standards. But not every aspect of the industry is noticing the acceptance of fuller figures. When’s the last time you saw a voluptuous model as the face of a beauty brand? The lack of curves in the beauty industry is as nonsensical as it is established.


Curvy model of the moment, Ashley Graham is pretty damn stunning. She’s got great chiseled cheekbones, a round face that pops on camera and just the right mixture of sexiness and sass that would leave any man weak at the knees. So why is she not the face of Estee Lauder like Kendall Jenner or the face of Dior like Natalie Portman? Of course each brand must choose a personality and face that is reflective of their audience and the image they are trying to portray, but more often than not beauty brand work for curvy models appears to be non-existent?


The national average clothing size is a very normal size 12-14. Light-years away from the size 6 models that dominate the industry. There is no rule to state that to be a consumer of a Tom Ford makeup you must be the same height and weight as Gigi Hadid. There is no size requirement to fit eye shadow, no waist too big to squeeze into some lipstick. So if curvy models have faces that would melt butter, why are we not seeing them front the beauty campaigns we all know and love? Especially when they represent the majority of the nation and therefore they can better speak to the beauty consumers like you and I.

People are so accustomed to seeing beauty in a particular way, so wouldn’t it be amazing if the world could see all the different versions of beautiful that are out there.


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