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In this Q&A with James Hunt, The Photo Studio will show you how a Model born with mild Cerebral Palsy, right side hemiplegia, hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his ambitions. James is lively, outgoing and loves to share his time between friends, family and accomplish his endeavours. Signed with Zebedee Talent Agency, James has a one of a kind story. Check it out below:

Q. How did you find out about The Photo Studio?

I had previously had a photoshoot taken with ‘The Photo Studio’ about two years ago. Modelling had interested me and I needed a few professional shots to kickstart my portfolio. Through a friend’s referral, I found out about the studio and was impressed with their professionalism. Thus, coming back to modelling in 2022, post covid, it was a no brainer to return to the studio to get a collection of updated photos.  


Q. How helpful was The Photo Studio in kickstarting your modelling career?

The results from the photo shoots were above my expectations, from the set design to the careful wardrobe selection, each photo has its own unique story. It has allowed myself to have a diverse portfolio, which will only be of benefit to my future career. When I had my first shoot, the studio helped with introducing myself to the industry, showing me agencies, terminologies, etc, which allowed me to explore where I wanted to pursue. From there, I was able to use my photos from the studio to kickstart my social media presence, where I was able to get a foot in the industry.

Q. What agency are you signed with?

Zebedee Talent Agency 

Q. What was the process like of being recruited by Zebedee Talent?

It was really interesting, I’m not sure how standard my experience would be compared to other models. I did my documentary episode for the inspire series with The Photo Studio Australia and they saw it! They spoke to Lauren when they told me to apply through their website based on my episode with The Photo Studio.

Because of what I did with The Photo Studio, that then led to me applying and reaching out and me being signed. Without my experience with The Photo Studio I wouldn’t be in this position now.

Q. Are you enjoying modelling?

What I am enjoying most about the industry is that it allows you to express yourself and highlight your personality. Personally, I prefer a vintage, classic & suave look, and modelling has given me the opportunity to explore my interests and values through the lens. I have found through modelling, that personal growth is often highlighted in the image. Growing up with a mild disability, there has been a fair share of daily challenges; often in your own head, therefore, being able to express myself through modelling throughout my own personal growth and maturity, has been a great experience. Furthermore, Zebedee Talent Agency has been such a great opportunity. I initially applied as I saw that the agency went well above and beyond what is required for their models. They truly care for their people and it felt like a small community. 


Q. What kind of modelling are you doing now?

At the moment, I have been doing numerous castings for TV commercials and runway modelling. 


Q. What is your next big goal in your modelling career?

My main purpose in my modelling career is to really promote visibility of disability in the industry. It is important to normalise seeing people with disability on TV commercials, posters, magazines and runways so that young people with disabilities feel like they belong in society and not labeled as being different. It is for someone to look at you and say ‘I have the same disability as him and look what he can achieve!’


Q.What was your favourite portfolio photo and why?

My favourite photo would have to be the black and white images, especially the headshots, as it shows off my interest in the ‘classic’, ‘vintage’ look, whilst expressing my personality.

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