How to be more confident in business

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The pressures women face in the workplace wade in from every angle.

“You’re too sexy. You must be sleeping your way to the top. You’re too bossy. You’re too masculine. You’re not masculine enough!” With these daily struggles plus the inequality of pay between men and women, it’s can be quite hard for us women to find our daily sass in the workplace. Here at TPS, we think that all women are #girlbosses and deserve to feel uber confident in the workplace.

Find your tribe

Figure out who YOU are and find the people who will nurture your personality. Whether your tribe are the people with the same interests and passions as you, or just people who uplift you every day at work or home.


Do it anyway

The more times you hear negativity and the word no, just do it anyway. With high risk comes high reward!


Be well read

Reading is knowledge. Learning more around the subjects you are passionate about will only make you more valuable. Become a master of your subject and you’ll become super confident in sharing your wisdom with others.

Girl Boss

Don’t be afraid to say your piece and lead in the workplace, stand loud and proud and lead your team.


Wear what you love

Whether you’re in a corporate environment or you’re one of the lucky few who can work from home in your PJ’S; don’t be made to feel that the way you present yourself comes into account with the work you do. Of course each work environment has their dress code, and if you’re working in a corporate environment, you probably shouldn’t rock up in converse and ripped jeans… but wear what you love and what helps you to feel empowered whilst sticking in between the guidelines.


Break the glass ceiling

If you’re in an industry where women aren’t usually seen at the top of your hierarchy, don’t be afraid to smash through that stereotype!

Realise you’re not the only one

Whilst we’re all one of a kind and the key to success is your individuality, make sure you know that you’re not alone. There are so many ways to meet likeminded individuals at conferences or seminars that can help you feel empowered and confident. Learn from other people’s mistakes to be the best you can be.



Let go of limitations

There are many limitations in life that stop people from achieving what they set out to achieve. Whether this is negative thoughts, other people’s perceptions or physical barriers, let go of them and know that you can achieve.

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