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Ever wondered what to do with all your old photographs that are lying around gathering dust? Well we have just the answer! We put our heads together and thought of some super easy and creative ways to display your photos so that you’ll be at the envy of everyone else.


1. Coat Hangers

You don’t need expensive fastenings or fancy frames to hang your photographs.
Try using an everyday household item like a coat hanger to achieve a quirky wall feature.



2. Stand Me Up

Grab some rocks or crystals and tie wire tightly around it. Keep wrapping the wire so that you end up with a wire pole. Fasten a peg to the end of the wire and stand your image up on your shelf. Great for if you don’t want to put any nails in the walls.



3. Bull Clips

If you’re quite fickle and like to constantly change the images and styling on your feature wall, then stress no more! You can opt for the industrial look and hang your best photos with giant bull clips. You’ll be right on trend and can change your wall every week if you’d like to!

4. Jars

The home-styling decoration of the last year has to be the jam jar. Whether you’re putting flowers in them, or dripping wax down the sides of them or placing your photos inside them, they’re definitely a handy pantry stable to recycle.

For added effect you can add vegetable oil to the jar to give your images a vintage sepia look. Add dried flowers to the jar for added effect!

5. The Washing Line

This might be a wall hanging cliché, but it’s only so popular because it works! Hang a piece of string across your wall and fasten your photos to the string with tiny wooden pegs. It gives a true rustic look and looks super creative. You can mix and match photographs with drawings and magazine clippings to give it a raw edge.

 6. The Big Wheel

Ever wondered how to use that old bike wheel that’s taking up space in your garage? How about fix it onto your wall and clip your photos to it with bulldog clips. This is the ultimate industrial, rustic look and right on trend!



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