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5 Reasons to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir photography might seem like a nerve racking endeavour, but we’ve found that most women feel empowered, inspired and super confident once they remove a few layers. You don’t have to have model credentials remove a few layers and style in your own boudoir photo shoot. Here’s five reasons why you should consider baring all in front of the camera.

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Gelareh Naeinian
The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Ashleigh Ahern

1. Redefine How You See Yourself

If you’ve spent too long looking at your body in a negative light, then it’s time to transform your thoughts. When you’ve got a creative team on hand to make sure you look fabulous, it’s hard not to radiate confidence when lingerie modelling. Use your gorgeous boudoir photos to stamp who you are and your new found assurance. Once you redefine how you see yourself, naturally others will start noticing the change!

2. Show off your hard work

If you’ve been nourishing yourself on the inside, transforming your body and achieving results; then what better way to reward yourself than with a boudoir photo shoot. Your beautiful photos act as a permanent memory of how hard you worked and what you achieved.

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Ophelie Maurin

3. Empower Yourself

Your boudoir shoot can be an act of modern day feminism. Straying away from the bra burning and man hating, instead it’s about empowering yourself by glorifying all body shapes and sizes. What’s more mood lifting than posing on set with your favourite music playing whilst people tell you just how amazing you look! You’ll be feeling the breeze from the fan blowing your hair and carrying a smile from ear to ear.

4. Learn to love your curves

Boudoir photo shoots are for women of any shape or size. Here at TPS, we want to celebrating your curves so we use flattering lighting to best accentuate your figure. We promise that when you receive your beautiful photos, you won’t be sat there picking apart your flaws; you’ll be staring in awe at your stunning curves and feeling proud that you achieved something so elegant.

5. You deserve to be pampered

A whole hour dedicated to your hair and makeup, wardrobe styling plus a glass of champagne to help you sink into the glamorous lifestyle. You deserve to take a day off and be totally pampered.

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