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10 Must Read Books For Aspiring Models

Most of the time Google has the answer to most of our questions and queries, but when it comes to something so specific as to introductory tips for aspiring models, we are often bombarded with “MUST HAVES” and “MUST DO’S” from social media, agency websites, managers, families, friends etc. That’s why often looking for resources when trying to get into modelling can be both very exhausting and overwhelming. Although social media and physical advice is always welcome and extremely helpful in a Model’s journey, one of the finest ways to hear about real life experiences and tips for aspiring models is through books. Yes, you heard us, good old fashioned paper back books! Although you may think “what do old books have that google doesn’t” You’d be surprised to read about the crazy experiences, unique encounters and valuable advice that modelling books have to offer, whether it’s an autobiography or just a good old instruction styled guide. This is why we’ve put together 10 of the Must Read books for any Aspiring Models and where you can find them in Australia!

1. The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion By Harold Koda & Kohe Yohannan

“Model as Muse”, originally published in New York in 2009, explores the interrelation between the world of fashion and its original connection to Modelling. It delves into the historical overview of the concept of “Super Model ” and how the journey of it has travelled from early 20th Century to now, in the present day. It follows the journey of many acclaimed models such as Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell to even Kate Moss, who is not defined as a traditional model. The book also showcases the eras of fashion alongside these models, name-dropping and exhibiting the finest brands known such as Christian Dior to Comme Des Garcons. This culture rich book can be found on Amazon Australia to be ordered online.


2. Sex, Love, and Fashion: A Memoir of a Male Model By Bruce Hulse

Bruce Hulse, popularly known as the “SuperNova” of mens modelling is one of the world’s top Male models. The book, originally published in 2008, probes into the life of the supermodel, and the true stories he had experienced with is time working for big names such as Calvin Klein, Paulina Porizkova, Cindy Crawford etc. Throughout the journey of the book, Hulse also speaks on the darker side of the modelling industry that the “cameras don’t expose” but majorly keeps it light about the glorious world of fashion modelling. If you are looking into male modelling, especially into the fashion industry, this is a must-read and can be found online on Amazon Australia.


3. Becoming By Cindy Crawford & Katherine O’Leary

Another autobiography which follows the charming journey of International supermodel Cindy Crawford. Known as the queen of modelling during the 1990’s, Crawford’s chronicles share her stories, lessons and experiences as she grew to her fame. Throughout the memoir, Crawford reflects on her early days and her struggle with self-consciousness in front of the camera as well as making sure to create messages of body positivity to the potential audiences seeing her photographs and shows. She also explores her journey throughout motherhood, turning 50, un-seen and archived photographs and how she slowly learnt her way into her career. This book is great for any beginner in the modelling industry as well as for tweens, teenagers and young adults looking to get into modelling. This book can also be found online at Amazon or Ebay, as well as in store/online at Dymocks book stores.


4. This Year’s Model By Carol Alt

Once again written by an International supermodel, Carol Alt was a phenomenon during the 1980’s in America. Alt was known to have modelled for over 500 magazine covers for brands such as Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Cosmopolitan etc. Although her modelling career came to an end at the age of 25, Alt continued her legacy through acting, spokesman projects, TV Hosting as well as being the author for “This Year’s Model.” The novel explores the character of Melody Croft who loosely follows the real-life journey of Alt and the experiences of internationally modelling, its perks, the glamorized life-style as well as how daunting it can be. This Novel, although very untraditionally and comically written, is the perfect book for young models who are wanting to get into the industry. For anyone trying to get a hold of this great read, it can be found online at Ebay.


5. Skin Deep: Inside the World of Black Fashion Models By Barbara Summers

This autobiography Barbara Summers is a must read for all models of colour who are looking to get into their modelling careers. The book narrates the history of African American fashion models, and the journey that each of them went through to break through within a very close-minded industry at the time. Summers, also a former model, recounts her days as a young model in America and the struggles associated with it. She also speaks on the arrival of African American designers, agencies and the astounding evolution of the models, inherently Super Models on American runways. This exceptional read can also be found online at Amazon.

6. Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses By Coco Rocha (Photographed by Steven Sebring)

Now if you are going to commit to one long read, then this is probably the one! This sizable book is a holy grail if you are a beginner, wanting to learn posing methods and different poses to stand out from the rest. The book is known as a “groundbreaking” resource, with in depth explanations about movement and posing, which goes into profound detail about the flexibility of the human body and how it can be manipulated for the best on screen effects. The book is perfect for models from all walks in their journey and can also be found online at Amazon.

7. Kate: The Kate Moss Book by Kate Moss

After beginning her career in modelling as a teenager, Moss blew up within the 90’s from her first campaign to then working and modelling for huge clients such as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Dolce Gabbana etc. The pictorial autobiography highlights her highest peak as a model when she modelled for every Fashion magazine in the world to then her personal life. For any model, especially for teen models waiting to get into the industry, this book has a very inspirational tone for kickstarting your career! This book is also available on Amazon Australia.


8. The Model’s Bible By R.C Lane

The content in this book is best summarised by its title, its considered a bible for models! Its a to-the-point guide as to how to initially start up a modelling career as well as how to sustain a career in a highly competitive industry. The book has strategies on how to start up, what kind of audiences to market toward, which parts of the industry would be best suites and most importantly a list of highly sought after Global Modelling agencies and their contacts. Now if that isn’t the perfect guide, then we don’t know what is! If you’re looking to have it all in one, the best place to find this bible is online at Amazon and can also be accessed using Amazon Kindle.


9. Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life By Gisele Büdchen

Another powerful autobiography written by Brazilian model Gisele Büdchen, who was scouted at the age of 14 explores the world of modelling, and growing up being under the spotlight. After kick starting her fantastic modelling career in 1998, Büdchen was known to appear in over 1200 magazine covers and become an iconic figure that represented her small hometown, all over the fashion and modelling industry globally. Büdchen touches on her retirement from modelling, and how her humble beginnings helped bring light to her country as she explains her humble story from when she was just a young girl who was never intending to get into modelling to then becoming internationally known. This inspiring story was then written beautifully by herself and is now available on Amazon and Ebay for purchase.


10. Heidi Klum’s Body of Knowledge By Heidi Klum

Ending off this list with another powerful testimonial style autobiography of internationally acclaimed supermodel Heidi Klum. Klum speaks on how getting into the modelling industry is more than just having “above-average looks.” Similar to Büdchen’s story, Klum too started up in a small town in Germany. Her story of entering a modelling contest to then being whipped up and away by global companies and agencies is nothing short of Inspirational. She also advises on some practical tips behind her success and how she balanced an intense career along with her life. If your looking for another great inspirational and refreshing story, this book holds the perfect as to how you set out to achieve your goals within the modelling industry. This book is also available for purchase online at Amazon and Ebay


If you are an aspiring model and get your hands on any of these books, we are sure you’ll find some source of inspiration as to how to guide and steer your modelling aspirations. We hope that these resources can pave a way for you to break through into modelling.

All the best future Super Models!

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