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We love our Sydney photographer Tom. A top personality paired with a passion for fashion imagery makes him a go-to photographer. Just like the rest of our team, Tom seeks to create photography with depth and dimension, while also providing a high end visual experience for his clients. If Tom had his way, he’d be sitting at home watching the Goosebumps TV show… or he’d be in protest, advocating to abolish the phenomenon that is Tinder. Don’t worry Tom, we too miss the old fashioned days also 😉


Have there been any photographers that have influenced you, the way you photograph and your career path?

 My biggest influence is Nicole Bentley. Before Bentley was a regular photographer for Vogue, Harpers Bazzar and major Australian fashion labels, she was a small-time photographer in Perth doing agency test shoots. Also being from Perth, I photographed in the same studio as her, using equipment with her name on it. I would ask the local agencies for images she had taken in her tests, and then study them for posing ideas and lighting techniques. We have photographed many of the same models, and just like her I have made the transition from Perth to Sydney to chase my dream. 

Do you feel as though there is a story conveyed in each photograph you take?

As someone who has only ever photographed fashion, I feel my images are more art pieces than images with narrative. Of course every image has a story to tell, but the intention with the photography is to create an exciting high-end visual experience.


What are your life and career goals for the next 10 years?

My goals in life are to just be happy and healthy. If you can make a decent income by doing something you love – then you’ve truly made it.

Someone or something you miss from your childhood?

The Goosebumps TV show!

Would you rather be a jack of many trades, or a master of one?

80/20 I would prefer to be a master. To be polished and professional in one area is always a strong asset. It gives you something to be proud of, and something to be acclaimed for. Yet 20% needs to dabble in every area – especially here in The Photo Studio – you need to able to adapt to a clients needs and be a versatile photographer, even if only a little bit


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