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Our Hana is practically super girl. Photographer by day, model by night;)  She draws creative inspiration from all aspects of life to create engaging, distinctive and playful photography. Hana has a deep affiliation with her “cuddle buddy” Mishka (her feline friend) and is an avid supporter of women’s rights. Girl power !


How do you define success?

Success is an attitude, something you should always be striving for and never admitting to. Once you feel that you have succeeded in life, you’ve stopped succeeding.


Where do you draw creative inspiration from? 

Anywhere that ignites my senses. From a theory, to a feeling, anger, or history…. art, movies, dreams, drugs, religious views, music or a good sentence in a bad book. In the end, it’s how I view the world and there’s no quicker way to being boring than restricting your influences.


What is your favourite possession?

My oldest companion, Mishka. A 13 year old, very vocal, always hungry, ever loving Burmese cat. My best shadow and softest cuddle buddy. I’ve never experienced a pet with more emotional attachment to my being than her. It’s endearing, creepy, comforting, annoying and adorable. No animal, nor human has provoked so much attention from me. It’s true love.


What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? 

It involves gun wielding, reptilian conspiracy theorists, a kit-kat chocolate bar and too many kilometres away from civilization…


Which female photographer do you admire and for what reason?

I look up to someone like Ellen Von Unwerth. She has a raw energy that is rarely felt in fashion photography. A certain playfulness between camera and subject, only achievable by generating a deep trust and comfort in the first foundations of collaboration. It’s because of this shooting style; she is able to evoke a confident sense of sexuality in women that feels honest, personal and inevitably more engaging. Von Unwerth celebrates sexuality in women FOR women and in the levels of her success as a mover and shaker of the fashion industry; I take my hat off to her for that.


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