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Tyrone is one of our photographers in the Melbourne studio who’s as good in front of the lens as he is behind. Originally from England, he describes himself as a “London boy with Northern Soul”. He takes influence from the likes of David Bowie and other major champions of androgyny to inspire his own creative flair.


What’s your full name?

Tyrone Spencer Logue.  The surname is Irish. So very, very Irish. My namesakes for Tyrone Spencer are two of Hollywood’s stars from the Golden Age of Cinema, Tyrone Power and Spencer Tracy. So… No pressure to do well in life.

What gets your artistic juices flowing?

I don’t really know these days. I’m quite conflicted when it comes to collecting influences from other artists, both classic and contemporary, because when it comes to making my own work it’s hard to avoid feeling derivative or unoriginal. So generally if I’m trying to create a new project I find myself steering well clear of other photographers or painters.

I think if anything I try to get ideas from music or by trying to reflect and visualise emotions in my work. Basically anything that isn’t a visual art or tangible to begin with. Doing this allows me to feel like what I’m creating is original and my own personal response. Even if the final product looks similar to something that has already been done, I can be satisfied that it was entirely the result of my own expression.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On the way to, if not fully enveloped in a successful career. I’m looking forward to meandering through the next 10 years and seeing what comes my way.

Would you rather fight Mike Tyson for an hour or talk like him for the rest of your life?

I suppose it would have to be the fight, at least I know that would be over eventually. I don’t think I could handle speaking like Tyson for a lifetime.  If he were anywhere near as poetic and articulate as Muhammad Ali I might have answered differently.


What’s your favourite possession?

The tattoo on my left forearm that reads “A Thousand Miles” written in my best friend’s handwriting.

There’s a lot of meaning and sentimentality behind it but the idea came to me after many nights sitting in his car for hours on end with awful petrol station coffee from machine dispensers.

There fast became a playlist for our midnight drives and one of the songs we would get particularly enthusiastic about was ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton. We’d hit the dash board in unison to the beat every time it played. It’s cheesy, tacky and awful. But we’re those kind of people so it suited us just fine.

He has the same words in my handwriting on his right arm.

If you became a Saint, how would we all celebrate “St. Tyrone Day”?

On the occasion that I ever do something so virtuous to be considered by The Church for the accolade of Saint status I suppose we’d have to celebrate in some sort of fashion.

Something flamboyant I’d expect. Feathers, glitter, sequins, lots of silk. Decadent. Like some sort of weird consummation of the 70’s tacky and Renaissance luxury.

A kind of Venetian ball where everybody can let loose and have a good time all while dressed to the nines.

Let’s get this ball rolling.

Do you have any mottos to live your life by?

I don’t necessarily live by it very well myself but it’s a piece of advice I give fairly often. Try not to stress too much.

There’s so many things I see people giving far too much time and attention to, things that will usually blow over. If it won’t matter in a month or even tomorrow it probably shouldn’t bother you now.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I feel like the thing to say here would be “moving to the other side of the world” but that wasn’t that adventurous at all. It was just like moving house excessively far away.

I think my day to day mini adventures are spent on my motorbike. I love riding.  It’s something I wanted to do ever since I saw Chris O’Donnell (Robin) in the 1997 ‘Batman’ riding into scene on an old Norton bike.

I try to take pleasure in the little things so I’d say my adventures are on the road pretty much every day.



thomas hurrell

Hey tryrone,
Just one quick question what fashion you like more vintage or gothic styles or casual. I’m just asking out of the blue since i need some fashion tips of my own, would suggest if you can hit me up with some crazy ideas lol for a normally 22yr man to live his dream as a fashion person that has his own taste. I would like to meet you if i do go to the photoshoot would really means alot to me since I’m not famous but who cares lol. Hopefully you able to send me a feedback on my reply. I much appreciate it.


Ps if you have instagram could you follow me 🙂 it’s thomashurrell_ thanks.


Hi Thomas,

To answer your question regarding the styles I like, I’m rather eclectic. My own personal dress sense is a mess of 80’s new wave, punk and a dash of anything else you can think of. Visually in my photography I like to reflect this in shooting different styles. I think the aim is not to get pigeon holed. Be versatile.

My advice regarding your own choices in fashion would be that you follow your instincts and wear what you like. Ultimately that is how you define your own style. If somebody else doesn’t like the shirt you are wearing don’t stop wearing that shirt. Wear it more. Shaping your own fashion comes down to how brave you can be in the face of what other people might consider strange or bad taste.

I hope that helps.


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