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The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sarah Turner

Studio Booker SJ is more than just a classy babe with an edgy twist. She’s one of the most business savvy members of the entire TPS Gang. When she’s not giving awesome styling advice or looking after our live chat, she’s coming up with big strategic ideas and making valuable contributions to the studio’s creative vision.

One of the most talented Bookers The Photo Studio has ever had, SJ goes above and beyond what her job requires. She’s a driver of change and a quiet achiever, and all of us at TPS are super proud to call her one of us!

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sarah Turner

What should every woman try at least once in their lives? 

I think every one should have a time in their life where they travel completely solo. You learn so much about yourself when you go out and explore the world. Travelling alone is a very powerful thing because you absorb absolutely everything around you without distraction.  Of course it is amazing to share memories with the ones close to you, but you need to save room for the memories that you can create with complete strangers. 

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? 

Mexico. I have always wanted to go to Mexico. I imagine myself sitting in a bar with a group of friends, mingling with the locals, wearing sombreros dancing around doing shots of tequila, listening to good music whilst eating nachos. Very Mexico. But I would also love to go back to the Phillipines. I’m half Filipino and I haven’t been back in about a decade, so it would be nice to get back to my roots and see the family.

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sarah Turner
The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sarah Turner

If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be? 

Depends where… but I guess my car, my phone/camera, my best friend (she counts as a possession right?), some cash to splash and my best outfit!

Who do you most admire in life? 

Right now it would have to be my niece. She is 2 months old and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, like my eyes literally melt when I look at her haha. She has been a massive positive impact on my life and she would have no idea.

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sarah Turner

What was the first experience in your life when you realised you had the power to do something meaningful? 

I was about 9 or 10 years old in school when I asked my parents if I could empty out my piggy bank and my dollar mites account to give to this charity. It wouldn’t of been much back then but I know it would of meant a lot to the person it was going to. I can’t remember exactly what charity it was but that’s probably my earliest memory.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why? 

My Dad. The guy has a heart of gold. If I can be half the person my Dad is I know I’ve done something right.

Would you rather go back in time or head into the future?

Back in time. When I start to think about the future, I think about time and space and black holes and robots that look like people and if aliens really exist and what is the meaning of life.. and it all just gets a bit too much! So definitely go back in time. Before working at TPS I did a good amount of travelling and if I could go back in time and relive it all I would. Also being a 90s baby was pretty amazing.

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